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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Weekend Beauty - Nail Polish: Summer Report

It's been a while since the last nail polish post, but now we'll get back into the swing of things, because it's not like I haven't been testing and buying. It's just that I haven't been writing. I will start with a nailathon. These are the polishes I loved in the last couple of months (unless otherwise noted, I had no problems with application, texture, etc. with any of these):

Watermelon Rind from China Glaze's Summer Days 2009 collection: an amazing, deep teal with a lot of glitter.

Lovey Dovey from Essie's Summer 2009 Collection: Essie calls it flamingo pink, I call pinks like that bimbo-pink. Love the lolitaesque barbieosity of the shade.

Another -and very cheapo- bimbo-pink polish that got a lot of wear is the appropriately named Polyester Pink Cream from N.Y.C. A little too thick and streaky, but hey, it was $0.99. I don't wear a lot of pink clothes, if any, but I am a Pinkzilla nail-wise, so expect a long separate post on bimbo shades.

I have also been in a mood for borderline vulgar fuchsias, like Orly Hawaiian Punch:

...and apricots, like Orly Secret Admirer:

...and reds, like Dashing Diva Park Ave Mistress

But I couldn't get through summer with brighties and lighties alone. One needs to vamp it up once in a while. For that I had some Russkie OPIs:

Boris and Natasha unexpectedly felt quite at home on a beach

Catherine the Grape made a Great manicure for an evening out:

I am still in the throws of mad love for lilacs, violets and purples, and Petite Four by Orly, which I for some reason underestimated before, went really well with a lot of things in my wardrobe:

But the polish I worn the most? The beloved Isis Purple by Nubar. Which, incidentally, makes an unbelievably long-lasting (I am talking a couple of weeks!) vacation pedicure.

So what polishes did you enjoy this summer?

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Blogger Madelyn E said...

vDear Marina,
I take delight in your Niail polish reviews. I adore color and am frankly tired of the naural "clean" nail polish shades so commonly seen here in the suburbs-- Please--
I have been so inspired by your colorful posts that I now check out nail polish colors in cvs , and other beauty stores.
I have been wearing a peachy,apricot color called Chanel Orange Blossom. I really like it .
I also wear Essie Intimate In a French.
And my new discovery : OPI Kinky in Helsinki - a unabashadly purple-fuchsia with a touch of iridescence.
I think you would like this one -

1:55 AM EDT  
Anonymous Delfina said...

Hi Marina,
this was the (expensive) year that started my nail polish craze. Here in Italy most of the best polish brands are not sold, so these last months have been Ebay months. Lots of money, but hey, how nice to find polish in the mail every few days...
My most beloved finds are
Rescue Beauty Lounge No more war, paired (on my other hand) with Chinoise, the best red in the world; Opi I'm India mood for love, which I find irresistble as a mani and pedi (not in the same time, though); Opi The it color, paired with grays, and Catherine the grape, which I love to pair with Opi Mmmh... vould you like a lick-tenstein?
On of these days I'll try Isis purple, which I bought after seeing your pictures and raves.
Thanks and long live nail polish posts!

4:18 AM EDT  
Anonymous Jesssica M said...

I think Boris & Natasha is at home *anywhere*! One of my all-time favorites!

I've been wearing pale, shimmery pinks like Essie Pinkadelic and OPI Isn't It Romantic?. I've also fallen for "Grey 1" from Anthropologie's house line, a deep grey creme that lasts for ages.


10:57 AM EDT  
Blogger rosarita said...

Love your nailpolish posts, and I'm especially taken with the term lolitaesque barbieosity. :)

I'm late to the party on holo shades, and have been enjoying China Glaze OMG as a manicure. My favorite grown up Barbie pink is OPI That's Berry Daring.

Great pics! Catherine the Grape is one of my all time favorite polishes, but I need to get my hands on that Orly, too.

11:15 AM EDT  
Blogger Gail S said...

This former shimmer ho is now firmly in love with the creme finish. Right now I'm wearing OPI Make Love, which is definitely among the Barbie pinks. Before that it was another OPI, Got the Blues for Red, a fantastic deep blue (duh!) red. Let's see, there was Zoya Ali (hot pink),...oh!....neons!! Essie Perky Purple is perfect :) Nubar's new Reclaim was a really cool green holographic color. Love the nail polish posts!

11:17 AM EDT  
Blogger Alyssa said...

I got a lot of wear out of Essie's Steeling the Scene this summer--a lovely champagne silver that a lot of folks think is a good dupe for Chanel's Kaleidoscope (which I've never seen). I've been experimenting with frankening some of my own polishes--just came up with a bright navy jelly that I adore. Today I'm wearing Orly's Plum Noir, an impulse purchase that has turned into one of my favorites. I suspect it is not too far away from Boris and Natasha...

12:13 PM EDT  
Blogger IrisLA said...

I'm wearing OPI INRAW, and I'm about to switch to Lippmann No More Drama (medium tan with sparkle). Other faves this summer were Rescue Beauty Lounge Clear Pink and OPI Bright Lights Big Color.

12:31 PM EDT  
Anonymous Jemi said...

I love your nail polish posts. Right now I'm enjoying Hi Def by OPI for Sephora, which might be my perfect orange.

12:51 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...

you have such nice nails..

1:35 PM EDT  
Blogger Juno said...

Wearing that new Sephora dark spruce green right now - it's fantastic and I never would have tired any of the grays and darks I've worn this year if you hadn't started blogging about them.
Never mind the 10 new lipsticks in reds and strong pinks....

3:57 PM EDT  
Blogger Louise said...

Hi Marina-

What a nice range of colors you've been sporting this summer-I especially like the lighter lilacs and purples you wear so well.

I've had a polish-abstinent month-due to an extended overseas trip, I decided to just use clear polish or very pale hues so as to not hassle with chips.

I am now excited to get back to my favorite Nubar pastels (their pale yellow is lovely) as well as my best neon-CC Tangerine Scream, and some bright reds. Then again, fall's new dark greens begin to beckon!

7:09 PM EDT  
Anonymous Aparatchick said...

Oh, Marina: "lolitaesque barbieosity." I used to work with someone who had those qualities! I love that phrase.

I've been wearing some of Sephora's metallics as well as China Glaze's Raspberry Festival. But I've fallen for China Glaze's Bahama Blues collection. So summery!

8:42 PM EDT  
Blogger Tammy said...

I am 46 years old and have worn nail polish maybe 5 times in my life, but I love these posts. I am completely captivated by the purple/lilacs, and the greens are really cool, too! It's fascinating to me to see all these different colors on nails.

10:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marina! I'm so happy to see you posting about nail polish again. This summer I've been wearing Nubar's Going Green collection, Illamasqua Rampage, RBL Recycle & Dead Calm, Nfu Oh 60 over Black, Chinoiserie Black Magic. Ahh, I realize this may categorize me as vamp or goth but I don't really see myself that way, I just like dark colors. Love your pics, and um, by the way, really nice ring. I also love diamonds and jewelry.

xo - Marsha Smith

8:35 AM EDT  
Anonymous Lavanya said...

I love all the colors starting from Boris and Natasha (I like the red too). Catherine the grape looks lovely!

This summer I've been alternating between Metro Chic and Call your mother. I need more polishes!!

2:15 PM EDT  
Anonymous laday jane grey said...

Phlox and Terra Nostra from Le Metier de Beaute, Guerlain's Terracotta (the brown one) and Icy Nail Polish from Karpati.

2:26 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

You aroused my curiosity about Kinky in Helsinki, I have to have another look at it!

11:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I know, love those little nail polish parcels in the mail. :-)A lot of the ones you mentioned, I actually haven't tried, thank you for the recs!

11:03 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Anthropologie's house line? I need to go investigate :-)

11:04 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Thank you, I am glad you like! I am not familiar with OPI That's Berry Daring, off I go to have a look.

11:05 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

OPI Make Love is in my Top 10 of all time favorites, love it :-)

11:05 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I believe I have seen it on you, and I can vouch that it has the quirky chic that suits you perfectly.

11:06 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

More polishes to investigate, thank you! I need Lippmann No More Drama for the name alone :-)

11:06 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I love the OPI for Sephora line, would want to own 70% of them :-)

11:07 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Thank you so much, Tom!

11:07 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I am planning a visit to Sephora just to have a look at that new green!

11:08 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Oh how I envy you for the yellows. Yellow does not like me. Orange sometimes does.

11:09 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Tee hee :-)
China Glaze's Raspberry Festival! Sounds so like something I am in a mood for right now.

11:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I was sucked in to the world of polish just because I was captivated by colors on the swatches on the blogs and boards. So little color in our lives, no?

11:11 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I am not goth either, but I love dark colors in my wardrobe and on my nails. If anything, I think the darks are very chic :-) I need to investigate Illamasqua, Nfu Oh and Chinoiserie lines.

11:12 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Call your mother was one of my favorite discoveries. I'd wear it non-stop if I didn't feel the pressure from the other little bottles waiting for their turn :-)

11:13 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

ooooh, all new to me!!

11:13 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite, that I have dedicatedly worn this summer--OPI Do you Lilac it? Looks like it may be quite similar to Isis Purple.

8:07 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I like that one too, a lot!

10:24 AM EDT  

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