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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Foodie Sunday: Short but definitely sweet! My Chocolate Downfall!

By Beth

What a week I’ve had. Summers in full swing and with it comes parties on the porch, more fresh sweet corn that I know what to do with, lots of time with my family and my DH’s annual trip to the Indy Car races! Basically, for the last 20 plus years this same group of guys has gone every summer on the same weekend to the Mid-Ohio racecourse for a weekend long party . They bring a full bar, tons of food and a couple of motor homes and live music and a poker table. It’s a loud, raucous time that never shuts down. Wives generally aren’t allowed although yours truly has been an honored guest several times! I think that it’s probably because I cook enormous amounts of greasy food for all of them and because I insist upon driving down there mid-weekend and whisking Jim off to a totally cheap motel to have my way with him for several tawdry hours. My husband definitely is not a kiss and tell sort of guy, but I know that they can tell by his satisfied smirk that he’s been “well fed” and being boys they definitely value that sort of thing.

Last Wednesday found me in my kitchen surrounded by meatballs, drumsticks, huge slabs of beef and other assorted ingredients. I actually love doing this, because Jim enjoys it so much. It’s not food that I’d generally cook, but it’s a pleasure to make it for such a charming group of guys. So by 11:00 pm I’d produced approximately 300 Rum and Coke meatballs , 40 bourbon barbecued drumsticks, 2 pounds of homemade beef jerky, many pounds of garlicky wedge potatoes, huge amounts of Caesar salad and for good measure about 10 pounds of tandoori chicken sausages cooked with peppers and onions. My kitchen still smells sweet and smoky from all of the grease, rum and hickory barbecue!

Although I love my little jaunts down to the race track down south, this weekend I stayed home because I had really fun plans for every evening and being under a tent in the pouring rain with about 50 really sweaty guys is not exactly on my olfactory top ten list. My husband must have missed me though because after begging me to come down (a girls got to keep a little bit of mystery you know!) he came home bearing gifts! He came in late last Sunday afternoon and after sleeping for a few hours he appeared down stairs with a fairly evil grin on his face. “I’ve brought you a present…something to seduce you with….you’ll not be able to resist!” By now you all know me well enough to know that I was completely intrigued and I did really miss him!

So , he sat me down on the porch and proceeded to mix me the most devilishly delicious cocktail that I’ve ever had. Simple and sweet, it’s a chocolate obsessed girls dream. Yes , it definitely had the effect that he wanted and because I want all of you to be happy too I’m sharing! Many thanks to his pal Chuck for sharing the recipe with him. Extra meatballs for you next year my friend!
I suggest that you only serve this to someone that you want to get really frisky with….It doesn’t seem to have a name, but I call it “ My Chocolate Downfall ”

For one delightful cocktail you’ll need:
A very tall glass
1 can of real coke (not diet!) iced cold!
1 and ¼ ounce of Godiva Chocolate liqueur
¾ of an ounce of vanilla vodka
¼ of an ounce of chocolate vodka
a few dashes of chocolate bitters (in a pinch use angostura that you’ve sweetened with a bit of chocolate flavoring and some agave nectar)

It’s simple….Just pour the coke in the glass first slowly over ice and then the rest of the ingredients . The whole thing will be incredibly fragrant, creamy and foamy like a very grown up soda. Add 2 straws……Stir.

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Anonymous Bevfred said...

I'm not too sure about the drink, as I don't do a lot of sweet drinks.
I'd be more than happy though to sample one when you're next serving.
What I do love is your big heart and spirit of fun. You're a woman who know's how to take care of her man and his friends. What a great buffet.
Kudo's to you!

11:31 AM EDT  
Blogger Tammy said...

Dear lady, your posts always read like a How To manual on How to Live Life!! Thank you for all the awesome!!!

11:38 AM EDT  
Anonymous bevfred said...

Furthermore the music was great, I was a-shakin my hips and dancing and prancing around. Made me think of a good party and a good drink.

11:38 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My DH had a cocktail very similar once and thought he'd found nirvana! Thanks for the recipe!

1:25 PM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

Wow, I really want to make that cocktail!

I hope those guys know how lucky they are to have YOU cooking their game day food! You had me at "tandoori chicken sausages." :-)

7:19 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...

I'm not usually into sweet drinks, but this reads yum.

Now I just need to have someone to seduce with it..

11:40 PM EDT  

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