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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Quite a Review: Amoureuse by Parfums Delrae

By Tom

Today sucked.

I had to trek to the bowels of LA to do an errand that was required of me by the great State of California that for some reason I decided not to drive to. Mostly because it was going to be hot here and the AC on my car isn't very good, while the ones on the buses usually are. Well, not on the #7 Santa Monica Blue Bus, which was packed to the gills, had no AC but did have someone who decided what life really needed was him singing at the top of his voice "Man in the Mirror" despite the fact the he didn't know the words and was off-key. I decided that rather than stabbing him in the temple with my ballpoint I would disembark early and just wait for the next bus. Needless to say the appointment was something that could have been easily been handled by fax or webchat but ended up sucking up the entire day. Your tax dollars at work.

What kept me from just running amok? Amoureuse by Parfums Delrae. Marina wrote a review a few years ago that says is better than I could even when I wasn't a wrung-out exhausted mess craving a drink and a hot bath. The cardamom/orange/jasmine loveliness kept my zen through the Culver City, Los Angeles and Santa Monica buses that alternately ignored me by or just sucked up my day. Now I can sit here on the sofa with a generous spray of it and all is right in the world. The power of Perfume..

What perfumes enhance your calm? (ten points if you get the movie reference)

$135 for 50ML at Luckyscent, where I purchased.

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Blogger Akimon Azuki said...

Acqua Santa / Holy Water by Profumo calms me down and gets me through tough times. Definitely came in handy during the earthquake two days ago. Its meditative qualities really help to get my mind into more centered state. I carry a small decant with me, just in case, and as it is an all natural fragrance, it can be used as nifty and beautifully scented disinfectant as well. I often put it on in the morning when I expect a rough day ahead of me, and so it is quite disturbing to see that I have used up half the bottle already in the last few months...

10:04 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...

I'm going to have to try that one, thanks!vunmu

1:35 PM EDT  
Blogger Tammy said...

It's not quite what you mean as far as calming per se, but iris always makes me feel kind of cool and composed and pulled together. And like I should behave myself, if that makes any sense.

AG Rose Absolue makes me feel as though God's in His Heaven and all's right with the world. It's very dear and tender and generally soothes me no end, though I am not sure it could work its magic on that bus route!

2:38 PM EDT  
Anonymous Kym said...

Ha! I wore this one yesterday. Love it in the heat...then the dry down a mellow honeyed blanket. Very nice top to bottom.

4:06 PM EDT  
Blogger JAntoinette said...

Tom, you've brought back so many memories of my years in Santa Monica. I rarely ventured outside the SM city limits unless under threat of imprisonment. Jury duty was 20 miles away and took three bus transfers! I would love to try your trick with Amoureuse because I adore it, but I fear the inevitability of the less-than-balanced fellow passenger sniffing me and saying, "You smell purty."

5:03 AM EDT  
Blogger StyleSpy said...

I adore Amoureuse, it's just a big ol' puddle of gorgeous and I love wallowing in it. It definitely enhances my happy when I wear it. Anything I love will enhance my calm. My bedtime, bring-it-down fragrance is almost always Ambra del Nepal. Something about that slightly almondy, slightly smoky sweetness makes me feel all snuggly and dozey.

9:20 AM EDT  
Anonymous maggiecat said...

I'll have to try the Amoureuse - you make it sound delightful! When I have too much too do and it's too hot to do anything, I rely on Chanel Eau de Cologne. Light, refreshing, grounding - it's also great for relaxing after one's exertions. Hope your weekend is wonderful to make up for the week!

2:29 PM EDT  

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