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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Scent Of Freedom – Review: Lostmarc’h Aod

Lostmarc’h Aod is the third perfume by Breton niche line Lostmarc’h that captures my heart. The gourmand Lann-Ael and the unique floral Ael-Mat got company by this quintessential beach fragrance.

Aod features notes of grapefruit, gardenia, coconut and seashore accord.

Starting with sparkling and fresh grapefruit, the gardenia (a light and summery, not very realistic, but lovely gardenia) comes through immediately, bolstered by a coconut that is non-sweet and fresh. The predominantly floral accord is surrounded by sea spray, by salt-water mist.

Aod is not the classic tropical beach scent, not like Bobbi Brown Beach for instance, but rougher, the sea here is harsher, no sand but cliffs, not bright sunshine and cloudless skies, but a brisk wind that is blowing the clouds through the sky, tousles your hair and quickly dries your skin leaving the salty residue behind.

Aod is meant to evoke beaches in the Bretagne, Lostmarc’h is named after just such a beach after all. And that is exactly what this perfume does.

I vastly prefer such beaches to tropical ones. I prefer the harsh windblown Atlantic coast in the Northeast to Floridian mellow sands, I prefer the beaches in the Pacific Northwest to California’s surf paradise. And I prefer the beaches of England or France to those of Turkey or Greece. I prefer the cooler weather, the wind, the rough elements, the visible struggle of water versus land. An endless white sandy beach bores me to death (although I’d be perfectly willing to try one again anytime, for science’s sake!).

I feel free when I stand on a rocky outcropping looking out over a lively sea, shivering slightly, my hair blowing every which way in the wind. Smelling the water and the colorful flowers that bloom despite the hardship.

Therefore Aod is ideal for me. Aod is the olfactory equivalent of wind-beaten water, ragged cliffs and gnarly vegetation that is braving the elements.

You want to close your eyes and inhale deeply. Can you feel the freedom?

Image source:, ruby beach via istock

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Blogger Carrie Meredith said...

This sounds like one of those fragrances I'd rather read your review of then try it on my skin. It reminds me of simple pleasures, and I do have those scents that I go to for exactly that. They are usually tropical in some way. A new favorite combination of mine is a tuberose-coconut thing, like Vamp a NY- it's transporting!

2:22 AM EDT  
Blogger Ines said...

I'd love trying this. I enjoy the smell of what you described eben though I prefer white, sandy, tropical beaches (probably because I've never been to one). :)
I love how your description of standing on a rocky outcrop makes me think of times past and other women doing that.

6:09 AM EDT  
Anonymous Lavanya said...

I am like you..I love rocky beaches and am always moved by a stormy sea..I find the idea of beachy scents unappealing though, but for the sake of your description, i might have to try this..:)

7:41 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds lovely, and I want to try it! You would certainly have liked our Florida beaches this week as Irene flew by, they were anything but mellow! My hair was tousled to the point it took about an hour to comb it out, the waves were about 3m high....

8:15 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this review! Your writing about this fragrance makes me think of my home, Newfoundland, Canada. Although I too love the rocky windy beaches that assault with wind (and rain too, where I'm from!), since I'm so used to them, I really love me a Florida-type beach. You should definitely visit Newfoundland if you like a rocky and harsh beach! You'll love it. I must now try this entire line of perfume!

2:03 PM EDT  
Blogger Tara said...

Agree wih Ines, lovely vivid imagery in this review, B. Like the sound of a ruggid beach scent. When I saw the name I thought it was another version of an oud/aoud fragrance lol! Sounds like it couldn't be further from that.

3:16 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive me for the single long comment, my internet connection is fragile, so I'll take no chances! :)

simple pleasure covers it exctly, a dont think and go kind of perfume just right for summer.

I'll include some in your next package. :)

White sand is just so boring, isn't it? I guess, I could take it if I had to for a few weeks... ;)

Thank goodness Irene passed you by, I hope the east coast is soon safe as well and all passes without a lot of damage.

thank you for your kind words! I would love to go to Newfoundland, that is the stuff my escapist fantasies are about. ;)
Lostmarc'h is very well worth trying, a nice little line.

3:22 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no oud anywhere! :D
Summer seems to be finally going out, but as a last reminder of a beach it is lovely, before the heavy ambers make their comeback!

12:25 AM EDT  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Your description makes this sound quite lovely - those are the sorts of beaches I like too, and I might even overlook the grapefruit note!

5:07 AM EDT  
Blogger James Dennard said...

This fragrance sounds fit for me. Like you, I am not a fan of tropical beaches/weather. I like cool weather, though not necessarily breezes that are too brisk. A wonderful review, Birgit!

1:51 PM EDT  
Anonymous fdsf said...

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Anonymous dleep said...

Think I might like this. Great review!

11:48 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you wouldn't mind the grapefruit very much, it is a mere smidgen. ;)

rocky beaches are so ruggedly romantic, I love them!

thank you! :)

2:11 PM EDT  
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