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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Foodie Sunday: Hot Dogs

Well, we had after some chill and our first torrential rainstorm (for LA) an absolutely perfect day.  High in the low 70's which meant that in the shade there was a bit of a chill.  I met my BFF Lynn for lunch as I usually do on Saturday at a local Chinese food place that has great food on the cheap in a strip mall (on the Southwest side of 3rd and La Cienega if you're hungry..) made me remember what I really wanted.

A hot dog.

Specifically, one from Tale 'O the Pup.  Tale 'O was a was one of the last remaining examples of "programmatic architecture" left in LA, where the building embodied the purpose of it's function.  In the past Tamale stands would be tamale-shaped, places selling milk would be shaped like a jug.  Tail 'O was one of the last hold outs, a fixture for years on La Cienega and Beverly (featured in "Body Double" and "Ruthless People") which moved a block away to San Vicente and Beverly when the Hotel Sofitel was constructed on the site.  It was there at this site for years more (featured in "L.A. Story") before they lost the lease on the site and the hot-dog shaped part of the building was put into storage awaiting another location.  One that hasn't been found for years.

I miss those hot dogs.

They had the best quality kosher dogs that had great taste with a great bite of that casing and had wonderful fries, onion rings and refills on my Diet Coke.  I used to get the extreme with onions, covered with chili and cheese.  I want one right now.

I also had the greatest star sighting I've had in my life and one that I was hoping that my BFF, who is always late would make it in time to see and didn't: Ella Fiztgerald lifting her veil to enjoy a hot dog while the Chauffeur waited by the Mercedes Landaulette.  Seeing Garbo in New York wasn't as great.  Garbo wasn't eating.

Now I want a hot dog.  What's your favorite?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That thing is painted like a hotdog, but I would say it's shaped more like something else...

2:13 AM EDT  
Blogger rosarita said...

A Chicago hot dog, like the ones we would have every summer when I was growing up. My family would drive the two hours to visit family for a week in Chicago, see a Cubs game, go to the zoo, shop. Chicago dogs on their poppy seed rolls topped with all kinds of stuff (finished off w/tomato wedges & celery salt) were a tradition.

8:24 AM EDT  
Anonymous RusticDove said...

My favorite hot dog is a toss up between the chili dogs from The Varsity in my hometown of Atlanta (with mustard and chopped Vidalia onion along with the chili)and the Nathan's dogs in Coney Island where we moved to when I was a kid (with mustard, chopped onion & sauerkraut). I visit my hometown twice a year and always try to get to The Varsity while I'm there for a treat!

9:28 AM EDT  
Anonymous Karen G said...

Every time I go home to Vancouver I try to get to a Japadog stand. They have Kurobuto dogs and Kobe Beef dogs. But holy moly, it's the condiments that make them sooo tasty; wasabi mayo, terimayo, bonita flakes, spicy cabbage etc. etc. Worth the line-ups.

2:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous Kym said...

I miss Tail O Pup. Ok, here's a terrible thing to do - go to the market, get Philsbury Crescent Rolls, get some Hebrew National dogs. Wrap the dogs in the dough - put in toaster oven for 12 minutes. Eat. Yum-o

1:31 AM EDT  
Blogger arlene20 said...

I still miss the dogs from Lums, where they were boiled in beer. I loved 'em loaded with sweet relish, sauerkraut, onions and mustard -- heaven on a bun!!

2:58 PM EDT  
Blogger odonata9 said...

Any hotdog with a real casing. Found some here in San Diego from Fresh N Easy that are pretty good, but everytime I go to PA, I make sure to get some Smiths. Also, they must be grilled or cooked over a fire. Delicious!

3:28 PM EDT  

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