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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chocolate, Greedy.

By Tom

I'd be willing to bet that most of us had our first experience with chocolate notes in perfume with Angel.  I'd also be willing to bet that quite a few of us shrank from it.  I know I did.  I convinced myself that I hated it until I smelled it on someone on whom it worked and it was delicious; I also think that the person in question wasn't someone who over-applies, because Angel is one of the big time offenders in the Smell-It-From-Space hall of shame.  I've smelled it on the lowest escalator in the Beverly Center while the offender is up top by Bloomingdales.  Over-apply and it's like chocolate patchouli jet fuel contail.

But there are ones that I really love.

Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 is a cousin to Angel, but instead of milk chocolate and head shop it's dark, almost burnt cacao and bone-dry pathouli leaves.  This was the first Lutens I ever smelled and I still have a bell jar of it.  Luckily it's in the export range ($140 for 50ML) so it's available where all the others are, for now.

Bud Parfums Ugly Bastard seems to bridge the two: not as parched as Borneo but not as, well shall we be polite and call it "lush" as Angel.  It's one of those that's only available as far as I can tell down under, which makes it a reason to visit.

Musc Maori is another that comes to mind: like rich, hot, creamy coffee poured over rich chocolate with just enough musc to take it from foodie to feral,  My scent twin says it gets compliments like almost no other. $105 for 50ML at Luckyscent.

So, tell me, what are your favorite chocolate scents, and which ones drive you from the room?  Leave a comment..

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Blogger TimeaZsofia said...

My favorite chocolate scent is Montale Chocolate Greedy, but I love it only smell, not wear. :)

1:12 AM EST  
Anonymous Kym said...

I agree with TimeaZsofia.

But I do wonder why people consider patch a chocolate scent. To my nose they are not similar in the least. Borneo smells like some kind of solvent (turpentine?). While I've smelled others that are much easy on my nose (ie. nose hairs intact), never saw/smelled a relation between the two.

In fact, if Reeces' Peanut Butter Cups tasted like Borneo smells, I'd be a few pounds lighter :)

2:15 AM EST  
Blogger Tama said...

Musc Maori smells just like chocolate orchids. I like it but I don't wear it well.

Providence Perfumes Cacao & Tuberose is a fabulous chocolate scent.

That Angel la Gout or whatever it is called has a great chocolate note but I decided that I didn't need it since I have the Liqueur.

3:01 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, Thanks for the compliment regarding "UGLY BASTARD". Just a quick note to say it is available world wide through the Cheers, Howard.

5:26 AM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I feel the same way. Just doesn't work on me.

2:51 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I must have been unclear. I don't consider patch a chocolate scent; Borneo (and Angel) both combine them. Oddly I can't bear Angel but love Borneo.

To each their own, of course. For instance, I dislike peanut butter and chocolate intensely. So all the Reeses are yours! :-)

2:54 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I'm going to have to seek out that choco-tuberose one. Reads fantastic!

2:55 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...


Thanks! Good to know!

2:55 PM EST  
Blogger Abigail said...

I went through a chocolate frenzy about a month or so again. In the end my favorites are SL Borneo (like you) and PG Musc Maori (hot coco). I never actually smell chocolate in Angel (go figure). Not even really in the Taste of Fragrance Angel. There's way too much else going on and also a huge dose of that spiky aldehydic bergamot so I never get the foodie connection with Angel. I'm the lone one on this I know.

3:26 PM EST  
Blogger Barbara said...

I adore Neonatura Cocoon. It smells like a tin of hot cocoa mixed with wonderful wood notes. It's not too foody, just soft and comforting.

6:08 PM EST  
Anonymous Joan said...

My favorite chocolate scents: 100% Love. And actually, Axe Dark Chocolate.

3:17 PM EST  
Anonymous lady jane grey said...

Armani Prive "La Femme Bleue"...

3:03 PM EST  
Blogger Flora said...

I like Neonatura Cocoon too, but one of my favorites perfume with chocolate is sadly discontinued; Sali Oguri Persephone New York perfume oil, a blend of pomegranate (of course) and other fruit notes, hyacinth, and the richest "liquid" dark chocolate imaginable,as opposed to the usual dusty, dry cocoa found in too many so-called chocolate fragrances.

And of course I love Ugly Bastard, and the other Bud Parfums scent for men, Chocolate Soldier. Another Aussie perfumer, Perfume By Nature, makes the fabulous Death By Chocolate, which is really amazing.

3:54 AM EST  
Blogger J Koes said...

it's amazing that nobody mentioned Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao, my long-time favourite.

6:58 AM EST  

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