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Monday, November 13, 2006

Perfume Review: Rich Hippie Bohemian Wedding...and a Prize Draw

My lovely guest-poster Tina got married on Saturday; congratulations, Tina! I have never been one to pass on an opportunity of a topical review, so today I am talking about Bohemian Wedding by Rich Hippie. “Bohemian” is a term that, according to Wikipedia, describes any person who lives an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is the highest value and where art is a main focus of life. These days the term is also applied to a fashion style, "boho-chic". I do value self-expression (hence the blog, I guess), but I have always thought of myself as a rather conventional sort of person and I am pretty sick of “boho-chic” as displayed by the likes of Sienna Miller (for lots of snarky remarks on that, please visit Go Fug Yourself blog). My kind of weddings would not be held in a field of wild flowers, with bride and groom and guests barefoot, in flowing tie-dye garments of earthy and bright colors. I even find the “location” weddings on exotic beaches to be on a wild side. Having said that, this unexpectedly elegant and understated scent would go perfectly well with the entirely un-bohemian, obsessively color-coordinated, urban, “traditional white” ceremonies I unimaginatively favor.

Bohemian Wedding is what I would call “sumptuous cologne with a twist”. It displays the fresh, bracing citrus side of classical colognes, it has the traditional, beautiful (and very weddingy) orange blossom note, but feels more substantial then an average eau de cologne and has an interesting earthy leitmotif that grows stronger as the scent progresses and that culminates into a gorgeous drydown of patchouli, soft woods and a non-sweet, even almost bitter citrus accord. Although citruses rule the composition, patchouli for me is the true star of Bohemian Wedding. This is not patchouli as I know and not always love; it is not warm, sensual and dark. I never thought I’d say this about this gipsy of a note, but patchouli here feels airy and ethereal. This patchouli is a good girl of her wild-living family. She got married in an elegant traditional gown and a veil, with her eyes modestly cast down.

Bohemian Wedding is streamlined and uncluttered but not simplistic. It is not as “boozy” as many of Rich Hippie scents (a quality that probably has something to do with the fact that this organic company bases their scents on “spirits of wine” from the wine regions of California), but it has the same joyful, blissful feel that I love in the perfumes of this line.

Bohemian Wedding is available at, $95.00 for 1/2oz or $245.00 for 2oz.

And to start a week on a fun note, I thought I'd have a prize draw. The winner, chosen randomly, will receive my sample of Bohemian Wedding and a sample of another of my favorites from Rich Hippie, Psychedelic. Simply let me know in your comment that you do want to be included. Good luck and have a great week!

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Blogger tmp00 said...

Well, I'm neither rich nor a hippy (I don't think I'd be barefoot in tye-dye at gunpoint), but please add me in to the drawing.

11:25 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I've been lucky to try all of their scents, and not a single one was what I'd consider as suitable for a tye-dye outfit or an outfit with paisley print (unless it's an Etro scarf or something) :-) There is nothing -to me- obviously "hippie" about them. Rich, yes, but not hippie :-)

11:29 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It`s one of the lines I never had chance to try - so I enter the draw.
I`d be happy to be added.
Sergey AKA moonfish

3:13 AM EST  
Anonymous zeram1 said...

Please enter me in the giveaway as well.

Thanks for a great blogsite

3:24 AM EST  
Anonymous Alica said...

Hi, I would like to be included in the drawing, many thanks.

5:17 AM EST  
Blogger fortune_cookie said...

i fear the name, but not the scent. please enter me in the drawing!

6:53 AM EST  
Anonymous Nina said...

I think my wedding-in-tulle days are behind me, but I'd love to be added to the draw! (I got married in a pale pink calf-length dress, and the photographer watched me climb out of the white car and asked "Where's the bride? Is she coming in another car?". My one moment to shine and I flunked it! So if I win the draw, I can live a little dream of how-it-might-have-been.)

7:05 AM EST  
Anonymous newproducts said...

I much prefer a conventional wedding, as well, and am proud to say I had one. :) You know, I have discovered that what I don't like about colognes is the citrus. I love many men's scents but can't abide the citrus, which, incidentally, don't seem to appear as strongly on men's skin. I don't like most women's scents with a strong or tenacious citrus note, either. As attractive as an "airy" patchouli sounds, I don't think I will like this scent.

7:23 AM EST  
Blogger marchlion said...

Ooooh, enter me in, please! I've not smelled these ... that is so funny, I almost stuck in a link on the blog today to GFY for completely different reasons. They are, as Defamer says, "hilarious bitches."

7:37 AM EST  
Blogger marchlion said...

PS I had a wedding right out of the Small but Tasteful Weddings handbook. My vote is, if you're going to do something boring and traditional like getting married, have a traditional wedding. Besides, whatever goofy thing you write in your "original" vows (Khalil Gibran, anyone?) has already been uttered at 500 other weddings.

7:40 AM EST  
Blogger elle said...

Citrus. My idiot skin chemistry just turns this into a wild sweet citrus party and the woods and patchouli were locked out. :-( So unfair!

7:42 AM EST  
Blogger lilyofbp said...

I guess I'm in the middle on weddings. I did get married outside (but that's traditional for Jewish weddings) in the garden of a country house; I wore white with shoes:), and the men in the WP wore morning coats, but the women wore whatever dresses they chose (somewhat bizarrely, they came out looking semi-coordinated in tones of blue and lavender). I think a good time was had by all:) Anyway, I can't figure out whether I'd like this scent or not. The two RHs I tried were not for me (citrus, sweet). . . .But please put me in the drawing if you think I would. . . .or don't--that's OK, too (feeling in the middle about everything today:).

7:45 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are enetered and by the way, congratulations!!! (And so sorry about the troule you had, I hope it is all resolved asap! Bastards.)

8:05 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Thank you, you are entered.

8:06 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Thank you, you are entered.

8:06 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Fortune_Cookie, fear not! :-) Thank you, you are entered in the draw.

8:07 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I think this scent would have gone perfcetly well with your lovely dress too! Thank you, you are entered in the draw.

8:08 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

This is Citrus, not just citrus. So I think you are right and it might not be for you.
And high five on traditional weddings!

8:09 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are entered.
Oh I love GFY, nothing lifts my mood like a daily dose of snarkiness.
Did you write your own vows? Man, for the life of me I couldn't have done that. The ceremony as it is was too solemn for me. I take thee and all that. I was afraid I'd birst laughing. Mr. Colombina, on the other hand, cried a little :-)

8:12 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

To be fair, woods and patch are light on me too. The citrus rules here.

8:12 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I love the way your wedding sounds! So elegant but not too formal.
I am not sure if you'd like BW or Psychedelic or not, but it never hurts to try, so you are entered in the draw.

8:15 AM EST  
Anonymous Therese said...

Oh, yes, please include me in the draw. Although suspicious of citrus, I have always sought the unconventional. Does Guerlain count?

9:07 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Thank you, you are entered in the draw. Of course Guerlain counts...many of the scents anyway :-)

9:11 AM EST  
Blogger shychai said...

Nice review, I heart patchouli! Please enter me in the drawing too :) Thanks!

11:01 AM EST  
Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Hmmm, sounds like maybe a patchouli even I would love? Will have to give this one a try. What would you say is the absolute best scent from RH?

11:03 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Thank you, you are entered into the draw. :-)

11:03 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I think you'd like this one. To the horror of my bank account :-), I discovered I like all of RH scents. I really love Psychedelic, Rock Star and Rich Hippie.

11:05 AM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

Marina, Please enter me in the drawing. One can never have enough samples!!!

11:17 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are absolutely right! :-) And you are entered.

11:25 AM EST  
Anonymous Lela Chamy said...

ooh! sounds yummy, sort of like my kiehl's musk but w/o the musk. definitely include me!

12:00 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are inlcuded in the draw :-)

12:08 PM EST  
Blogger marchlion said...

No, no, no -- straight out of the Episcopal Services Rite II handbook, lasts 17.5 minutes or so. My favorite bits were my dress, which a friend made, and the cake, which was ridiculous, and we rented a vintage 30s car to ride in... it was SUCH a great day.

I think it's very, very romantic that Mr. C cried. I miss the days when we were younger and everyone was getting married.

12:10 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful!

12:14 PM EST  
Blogger IrisLA said...

Patchouli that's "airy and ethereal." Intriguing and sniff-worthy. Please enter me in the drawing.

12:56 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are entered!

12:58 PM EST  
Anonymous Martika said...

I'd love to discover these scents which I know nothing about, apart from what I'm reading here. Please include me to the draw!

2:04 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Absolutely, you are included!

2:18 PM EST  
Blogger Erin said...

Hey c/M: please enter me in the draw. I wore my mother's white wedding dress, which was actually from the late hippie era, and so I did look a tiny bit bo-ho (although this probably came from me adding flowy bell sleeves to replace the traditional v-cuff.) I wore no veil, but I did have shoes (although they were $18 jobs from PayLess).

2:22 PM EST  
Anonymous Ina said...

The whole line is very Boho, and I still don't quite get it but I've only tried a few. Your review sparks the desire (need?) to give Rich Hippie a proper test. But such pricey samples!? Yoiks.

2:26 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I am sure you looked stunning! I'd have loved to wear my mum's dress...
You are entered in the draw.

2:42 PM EST  
Blogger boisdejasmin said...

I have not tried any of these fragrances, but your reviews weaken my resolve. :)

2:43 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Yoikes indeed. When you get into 2oz sizes, it gets les shocking...well, still quite shocking, really, espcially if it's Wild Thing :-)

2:43 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

They are so satisfying...I don't know how else to put little indulgences :-)

2:45 PM EST  
Anonymous Twibbet said...

I've never had a chance to try this line, please sign me up!

My wedding was pretty bohemian, I guess - no tie-dye, but plenty of flowing sleeves and flowers and contra dancing - unfortunately I didn't know about perfume then - such a lost opportunity!

3:49 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Your wedding sounds like fun! You are included in the draw.

3:58 PM EST  
Anonymous Tamara said...

I just got married two weeks ago and my reception is pending. I'd love to wear this to my reception! Please add me in the draw.

5:21 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Congratulations!! You are added to the draw.

5:27 PM EST  
Anonymous Steve H said...

Please enter me in the drawing, I've been hoping to try a Rich Hippie fragrance.

11:27 PM EST  
Anonymous Anya said...

M, I've always heard, but never verified, that RH is an all-natural brand. How did it appear to your prized sniffer? I've also never experienced any RH scents, so enter me in the drawing, please.

7:53 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are entered in the draw.

8:19 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

You are included in the draw.
As for how they appear to me natural-wise. There is no way I could tell if they are or aren't...I can only say this...They smell natural to me in a sense that...if perfumes were fruits, Rich Hippie's would be the ones freshly picked from the trees and freshly squeezed into bottles, you know? They smell freshly-squeezed, probably by human hands and not some sort of machine...if that makes any sense at all. :-)

8:22 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appear quite traditional (yes, big white wedding) but I think I have quite a bit of "boho" at heart. Please do enter me in the draw if I'm not too late. I've never tried RH becuase I could never make up my mind which to start with! Thaks for the list of your favorites!

1:30 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Not late at all. I'll be asking my daughter to draw a name at random later tonight :-)

5:10 PM EST  

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