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Sunday, January 28, 2007

On a To-Try List: Angela Flanders Perfumes

Angela Flanders is an English fragrance line that seems to be fairly unknown in the US. It consists of fifteen signature scents:

Caspian - "Citrus top notes combine with subtle oak moss notes, to give a classic chypre, cool and sophisticated."

Coramandel - "A subtle cedarwood base, with a gently spiced floral heart, and citrus top notes."

Earl Gray - "Dry and sophisticated, tea like notes of rosewood and bergamot, create a blend evocative ancient China."

Hesperides - "Summers golden fruits combine to create a cool fresh fragrance with a hint of vetivert."

Josephine - "A soft powdery violet lies on a mossy cedarwood base."

Manderine Mint - "Green mandarin blended with fresh mint and other herbs to produce a fresh and uplifting perfume."

Maroccan Rose

Melissa - "A complex warm citrus fragrance, a honeyed lemon, with balsamic undertones and hints of vanilla." (The only I tried; I liked it very much)

Millefleurs - "A floral bouquet, rose, violet, and iris, combine with the freshness of lavender and bergamot."

Ottoman - "A rich oriental, roses and violets with depths of sandalwood, rosewood and patchouli."

Parchment - "A rich vanilla base lends a warmth to the citrus top notes and spicy heart of this perfume."

Seville - "Sweet orange, bergamot and lemon with a heart of cinnamon and other spices."

White Flowers - "All the fragrant white flowers on a dewy base, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose and lilac."

White Roses - "Heart of rose with fresh mossy green undertones, timeless and yet modern."

Xanadu - "Evokes a magic forest, bois de rose and sandalwood, with a hint of rose and violet, bergamot and patchouli."

Eaux de Toilette cost 100ml £29.50, Eaux de Parfum 50ml £29.50. The shop is located in London, 96 Columbia Road, E2 7QB.

If you tried any of the scents, please share your impressions!

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Blogger Bela said...

The line is unknown in the UK too.

I've only been once to Columbia Road: there's a famous flower market there on Sunday mornings. I went one Sunday, years ago, to escape from the Notting Hill Carnival that was making my cutlery rattle in its drawer. Anyway, it's not the most easily accessible place in London.

What puts me off about Angela Flanders is the sloppiness of her website. I can stand all those spelling mistakes. As far as I am concerned it shows a lack of respect towards the public. I can't help it. I fear her perfume creations may be sloppy too.

10:50 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I imagine a quaint little shop...The website says rather strangely that they are open on Sundays from 9am to 2.30pm...and that's it, I wonder? Hmm :-)

10:57 PM EST  
Blogger Bela said...

That's not strange at all: that's when the flower market is on. I expect no one ever goes to Columbia Road at any other time.

11:00 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Ah! I see...Thank you so much for the information!

11:01 PM EST  
Blogger NowSmellThis said...

There was a brief flash of interest in this line on MUA some time I remember it, a few people managed to get samples, and liked them fine but nothing outstanding, and then the whole thing died out, probably because samples were not easy to obtain in the US. I emailed her asking if samples could be purchased and didn't even get a reply.

That Seville sounds tempting though!

9:32 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

I guess I won't hear back either. I emailed them, nothing so far. I like the sound of Xanadu.

10:06 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Bela, I think you meant "I can't stand ..." Shame you didn't buy anything. I bought a candle today after smelling it first in a completely unrelated shop. It was so overpowering that I went to Columbia Road today. The scent is so sublime, it's dangerous, as we almost fell asleep with the candle lit, the scent was that relaxing! Anita

6:02 PM EST  
Blogger Amber said...

I love Angela Flanders! The website is a bit poor, true, but Angela herself is at least in her 60s so can be forgiven for not being an ace with technology! The shop is small, but beautifully decorated and is only open for a few hours every Sunday or by special appointment as it is run, I suppose, mostly as a hobby these days for Angela who I have met only once.

The scents are lovely! Potent (even the EDTs last all day on me), special, and sometimes strange. Some definitely defy the descriptions on the website - Xanadu especially is very incense/woody with a touch of (I'm sure I smell it!) cumin or civet or something that gives it an animal edge. Seville is a very nice, very potent spiced orange smell. There are also loads of perfumes not on the website - including Figue Noir (black fig), an Oud, and the whole signature series which includes my favourites: Topaz and Cachou.

7:11 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fI bought an edp this very sunday. Its the lovelest perfume Ive ever had. Its lasted the whole day, even after a long journey home from London. The shop is like a baroque salon, with an attentive fun assistant (male gay)and Angela herself, who is indeed refeshingly past 50. They love their work simple as that. I had no intention of buying perfume at all ( usualy wait for someone to buy it for me) but I was completly entranced by its magic. Smell is a word not to be used in its description it is a perfume. I wont say which one has intoxicated me because I want to be its exclusive owner and I wish it was made for me only! I will be phoning them up next pay day to see what else I can purchase, I am dying to get my hands on the body lotion and room fragrence!

2:18 PM EDT  

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