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Thursday, August 19, 2010

There is Nothing Like a Dame...Lancome Cuir Vintage and re-issue

By Tom

Perfume people are so wonderful. A while ago a kind benefactress sent me a few samples, in which were some of the vintage Lancome Cuir and of the recent (also apparently discontinued) reissue.

The reissue is a perfectly nice, ladylike little thing that came out in 2007. It's leather with a whisper of white flowers and powder. I find it oddly more elderly than the rip-roaring original. While the original Cuir isn't going to be mistaken for anything that came out last week, it's certainly far more daring than it's modern counterpart. The original is a full-figured gal in a beaded dress who just as apt to knock back a neat scotch as to knock you flat if you get out of line. Stay in line however, and...

The reissue is a buttoned-up lady in a severe suit who is apt to snap the clasp of her clutch shut and make sure you're blackballed from the club if you get out of line.

Guess which dame I want to spend time with. Or be. I can't write it better than Colombina: "Let the dead stay honorably dead rather that resuscitating them into politically correct shadows of their former striking selves."

The reissue is available on the internets at places like Amazon for less than $40, which is a great price. If you need a ladylike leather I say go for it. The vintage isn't available apparently for love nor money and that is truly sad.

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Anonymous Marian said...

I treasure my vintage bottle of Cabochard. It's so "goth" in its leatheriness I feel a little afraid of myself when I wear it!

9:12 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


But it thrills you, doesn't it?

9:21 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most devastating part of this review is the line, "The vintage isn't available apparently for love nor money..."
But as far as the current attempt, I enjoy it. It's a bit of a shape shifter on can be a bit cloying and uni-dimensional on some wearings but at other times it is more complex and throws nice leathery wafts and wisps throughout the day.

12:31 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


The reissue is very nice, it just pales in comparison to the original But since we can't get the original then we should just enjoy the nice parts of the reissue.

Why is my word verification "manties" (google it)

12:31 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...

Josh, not my call.

Better to use the "contact us" radio button.

Oh this new economy..

12:34 AM EDT  
Blogger Judith said...

I think it's a decent scent for work and for jeans but I wouldn't wear it to party. I like to match prim scents with my most casual clothes and let the fragrance do the ladylike thing for me.

5:54 PM EDT  
Blogger Maison Parfum said...

I would try this scent to my party. I hope every one would appreciate this perfume. By the way thank you.

2:30 AM EDT  

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