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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Oh, Boy: Tom Ford for Men

By Tom

I admit I am of two minds with the handsome Mr. Ford. Sometimes I think he's just the bees knees, which happens then I'm smelling some of his scents. Other ones (like his Lavender Palm) elicit a rather less charitable response.

Tom Ford for men was his first mens fragrance and it's just like his clothes: well fitted, beautifully detailed and a little cold.

It has crisp citrus in the opening, slightly sweet whiffs of uncured tobacco in the middle and a nice woody finish. Layering over all of it is a chilly vetiver that nicely accents the warmth of the amber in the drydown. At $62 for 1.7 oz it's not even terribly expensive.

Sometimes it's hard to reconcile some of the Tom Ford image and his advertising to his products. I guess this is the Tom Ford of "A Single Man" rather then the louche, sweaty bottle-in-the-crotch Tom Ford. Glad we have room for both.

At Sephora, where I tested.

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Blogger Gaia said...

Tom, I could have written this, word by word (well, except the part about Lavender Palm which I have yet to try). TFfM smells a lot more expensive than it really is, yet Ori wears it when he wishes to bled in rather than make a big impression (that's what Vetiver Extraordinaire is for him). I wear it just because I can.

1:03 AM EDT  
Blogger rosarita said...

Oh, thanks for this review. I love this scent, which is the only successful thrift store find I've ever had - a full bottle for $4 at a Goodwill store. I wear it, my husband wears it, and my 83 yr old mother liked it so much I gave her the bottle. It does have that cool & classic Mad Men kind of vibe.

8:55 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


The power of twinnitude!

Lavender Palm should be coming your way soon I believe. Not that you need to go out of your way to be bored by it..

11:42 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


Now that IS a find!!

11:42 AM EDT  
Anonymous lady jane grey said...

I'm a big admirer of mr.Ford.
And I love T.F. f Men - it was the perfect scent for me back then, when I discovered my love for vetiver few years ago. Oh, Single Man, don't even mention, otherwise I have to run and grab the DVD from the shelf and watch it again and again and... - one could study esthetics from that film.

4:04 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I'm not lying when I say I wanted literally everything in that movie. I know it's only a two bedroom in deepest Glendale but I would live in that Lautner in a heartbeat..

6:23 PM EDT  

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