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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Loveliness that is American

"Are you buying foreign labels and paying very high prices for perfumes because you consider them superior to the American ones?

Many women are. They probably do not know that Colgate & Co. use just what foreign makers do - the loveliest floral essences from Southern France, from Far Eastern gardens, from blossoming valleys all over the world for the blending of their perfumes.

They probably do not know that a Colgate perfume won first prize in the famous International Perfume Test. If you will make the Test, you too may find Florient a true expression of American loveliness."

(From 1922 ad for Colgate Florient Perfume)


Blogger Faizan said...

Its all about reputation.

In the car industry, most japanese manufacturers have created an image of reliability and efficiency over a number of years. A recent study showed that quite a few new GM car models (especially SUVs) have reliability and gas efficiency numbers which exceed Toyota's yet most car buyers still prefer toyota's.

Its the same in the perfume industry. A new perfume by a reknowned perfumer (lets say Roucel or Polge) will get less harsh reviews even if the perfume isnt that great. It will also get more attention than a fragrance from an unknown perfumer (even if its good!). It takes time to develop a good reputation and a following though.

11:44 PM EDT  
Blogger colombina said...

Oh you are absolutely right, and great comparison with the car industry.
When I know that a new release is made by Polge, Roucel, Chanel, Guerlain, etc, I will at the very least make an effort to try it, even if the notes listed would be something I know for a fact that I'd hate. :-) It really *is* all about reputation.

10:09 AM EDT  

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