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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nasomatto Pardon

By Tom

Another one of those best-laid plans weeks this week. I wanted to review this one since I liked the opening on it so much- a smooth and yummy oud with a touch of raw cacao and cinnamon. Unfortunately my skin ate it alive. Every time I tried it it was gone within an hour or so, culminating in tonight where I got dolled up (for me that is- I put on a tie and a jacket, which always gets a comment from the local ladies, mostly because it's as rare as a blue moon..) at 6 to attend a City Council meeting where after our election the new council members are seated and the retiring one's tenure is marked. I gave myself a pretty liberal application and sat in the auditorium, planning on writing this upon returning home. It's 11:00 Pacific time and it's completely gone. It isn't like I was jogging or digging ditches; I was sitting in air-conditioning and actually unable to move much lest I be considered rude during the 3-hour meeting.

Since this is the fourth time this has happened I can't say this is a true review. I also can't say that I'd pay the $165 for 30ML to find out if a liberal spraying rather than a liberal dabbing will change that.

At Luckyscent, where I asked for and received a sample.

Image: Luckyscent



Blogger Flora said...

This is quite surprising, knowing th plutonium-level strength of most of the Nasomatto perfumes. I have not smelled this one, but some of them will just about take your head right off.

9:19 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...

I was kind of shocked too

1:02 PM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

My first comment here I think, so Hello! Oh, Tom, I'm so sorry Pardon played a dirty trick on You! It is the biggest perfume experience I had last year, or in years to be honest. I found it in December, on a random snifforama in Budapest, and I fell head over heels in love. I'm through several large samples and tiny decants, though I could not yet afford a FB. Maybe You could try the extrait version in the mini bottle? It's a lovely, slightly oud-y spiced sweet wood on me, and I'm truly thankful for my weird chemistry this time, as it blooms beautifully for 12-16 hours on me, depending on the things I've done that day. Strange, huh? I'm so sorry we couldn't get a loving review:(. Naughty Pardon! :)

8:19 AM EDT  

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