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Thursday, January 18, 2007

People of the Labyrinths A Maze at Luckyscent

People of the Labyrinths A Maze (A*Maze or AMAZE or, as I like to call it, POTLAM) is now available at Luckyscent as well. Orders placed today will ship late January.


Blogger tmp00 said...

well, it is on my way home, so if there's parking I'll see if they have it yet and give the good (or bad) word.

5:09 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Report, report, report!!! No pressure or anything :-)

5:24 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

They don't have it yet, they will at the end of the month.

8:47 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

their website says they're using all-natural ingredients:

civet is one of those ingredients. wasn't there the same problem with Le Labo? didn't they change their natural musk for a synthetic one?

9:03 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Dear Anonymous,
Unfortunately, I don't know what kind of civet POTL people are using in their perfumes. Perhaps if you contact them directly and express the concern, they might share the information with you.

9:13 AM EST  
Blogger Lisa Olga said...

Think I'll have to take a firm pass on this one. just the thought of 100% real civet, agarwood, and sandal in a frag with no explanation from the creators (it's a small company they can be personal) of eco-sourcing...well it kinda makes me wanna hurl....

and meanwhile the doomsday clock keeps ticking onward....

12:30 PM EST  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Oh how I am looking forward to trying this one!


Have a lovely day!

2:55 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Thank you, J! You too!

2:56 PM EST  

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