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Friday, July 18, 2008

Top 10 Summer Fragrances. And a Prize Draw

No season should be allowed to go by without being commemorated and summed up in a Top 10 list. Least of all my favorite season. Without further ado I present to you the scents we at Perfume-Smellin' Things are enjoying this summer.

Les Nez Let Me Play the Lion
Dry minimalist incense, smoke, and sun-warmed old wood, it cries out for heat.

Comme des Garcons Sequoia
A cool breeze from the redwood forests—worn in memory of the burning trees.

Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose
Roses and the beach—what more can you ask for?

Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien
Leaving this off a summer top ten list is like going without iced tea in Texas.

Santa Maria Novella Eva
Curl up on the new leather seats of my convertible for a ride down the country road past the hayfields.

Serge Lutens A La Nuit
Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
Even in the heat, it can’t always be about less. Sometimes it has to be about more.

10 Corso Como 10 Corso Como

Etats Libre Jasmin et Cigarette
Summer in the city.

Hermes Eau de Merveilles
Absolute salty naughtiness masquerading as pale innocence.

Chanel Gardenia
I have a picture of my grandmother wrapped immodestly in a bearskin rug with her opera length pearls, smoking a cigarette in a very stunning holder...she would have loved this, a wicked little perfume hiding in a very classy bottle.

Estee Lauders Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia
Simply the most stunning gardenia fragrance that I wear...beautiful, completely feminine and absolutely perfect.

Caron's Bellodgia
Carnations, Vanilla and Musk with Rose , currently (with all due respect to the divine Miss Monroe) the only thing that comes between me and my sheets.

Niki De Saint Phalle Niki De Saint Phalle
Strangely magical, altogether powerful, totally persuasive and just a wee bit twisted:)

Bond No 9 Saks for Her
White gardens at midnight, thoroughly classic, incredibly Disarming, my summer “walk into the boardroom and get it done” fragrance!

Robert Piguet Fracas
My favorite New Orleans jazz and Bourbon Street cocktail with a creamy layer of sultry Southern madness.

Jo Malone French Lime Blossom
Transports me to a stand of beautiful Lindens in full bloom, swarming with honeybees, drenching me in nectar.

Yves Saint Lauren Paris
Such happiness, YSL's Paris always reminds me of candied violets from Fouchon, glaceed chestnuts and fresh Passion fruit Macarons from Laduree.

Annick Goutal Le Muguet
I know that I'm supposed to get Lily of the Valley but I don't..instead it's juicy ripe pears drizzled with cinnamon and honey beneath the sparkling light of the harvest moon.

Lancome Magie Noire
I thought I knew Magie and then I wore it recently into the Arizona desert and was mesmerized by a smoky note of mezcal, simply bewitching, shamanically perfect.

Balmain Balmain de Balmain
So green and herbal it's almost a masculine, and it never ever goes sweet.

Henry Dunay Sabi
A lilting bouquet of fresh white flowers, sophisticated and elegant.

Ava Luxe Venus Sands
A beachy gardenia/tropical that is sultry and sexy but not too strong for the heat.

Sali Oguri Pink Manhattan
Another gardenia, lightened by hibiscus and luscious peach, delectable and fun.

Ines de la Fressange Ines de la Fressange (1999 version)
My summer stalwart, refreshing florals with a touch of spicy carnation, it never wilts even in the soggiest heat.

Nasomatto Narcotic Venus
Simply stunning tuberose for summer evenings when you want things to heat up, if you get my drift.

Serge Lutens Datura Noir
another sensual standby for me, this night-blooming wonder is erotic and sultry like midnight on the water.

Andy Tauer Incense Extreme

Dry, dry, dry and very complex, perfect for those hot arid days we get in midsummer when you just don't want anything sweet.

Max Mara Max Mara original scent
delicious lemon, sugar cane and sap is a sheer delight on the skin and makes it seem like it's ten degrees cooler outside when you splash it on.

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
I would live in this one all summer if I could, the perfect "living flower" tuberose, growing in a jungle paradise.

Monyette Paris Monyette
his big, creamy white floral and vanilla fragrance is paradisiacal and impossibly sexy in the summer heat.

Andy Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain
Smooth, seductive, scorching with the impression of parched earth amongst its spices and blooms.

Bruno Acampora Jasmin
This is exactly the wanton scent that lies low to the ground at night, when the coastal wind is still, and the night air is sultry with jasmine blooms.

L’Artisan Fleur d’Oranger
In suburban California , the orange trees in everyone’s yards put out this heavenly scent all summer – creamy white flowers with a slightly bitter, twiggy green heart.

The Different Company Sel de Vetiver
Vetiver always seems cool and eternal to me, and SdV is perfect, with its cool, reserved, salted stone touch.

Parfums de Nicolai Mimosaique
This is the most elegant mimosa, spicy and softly complex – a sundress in a bottle.

CB I Hate Perfume Gathering Apples
I know, apples mature in autumn – yet this scent is exactly the pure, delicate crispness I crave in summer.

Isabela Capeto Isabela Capeto
Both tremblingly delicate and resilient, a garlanded dryad with a soul of spices and sap-green wood.

Ebba Miss Marisa
Jaunty, with lots of sweet-tart fruit, and a hint of mint… like a tall cool glass of herbal iced tea.

Nanadebary Nanadebary Pink
This is the scent of clean nude skin after a shower, clean and soapy in the best way possible, with intriguing hints of nutmeg.

Aftelier Tango
Bittersweet summer. Salty kisses of the sea on tanned skin, smoke of the fire in which memories are burning. Goes well with a desperately red dress.

Estee Lauder Private Collection
WASPy summer. Green, cold, aloof. My ladylike summer scent. Goes well with a Birkin or polo shirts.

Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose
Flirty summer. Feminine, playful, chic roses and violets. Goes well with high heels and full skirts.

Guerlain Mahora
Indolent summer. Creamy white flowers, exotic, heady, sensual. A perfume of exotic getaway. Goes well with naked skin.

Guerlain Quand Vient La Pluie
Delicious summer. Gently floral and slightly gourmand, a delicate dream of a scent. Goes well with flowing silks.

Hermes Un Jardin Apres La Mousson
Childhood summer. Watermelons a la Ellena, surprising and addictive. Goes well with big straw hats and flop flops.

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold
Melancholy summer. Golden, intoxicating flowers desperate to bloom for one last time, a soulful reminder that summers end. Goes well with finest cashmere shawls on breezy summer nights.

Laura Biagiotti Sotto Voce
Romantic summer. Powdery petals, sweet and a little bitter, like memories of summers that are long gone.

Micallef Note Vanillee
Naughty summer. Candies, cigarettes, booze... Goes well with his shirt on your bare shoulders.

Michael Kors Michael Kors
New Russian Summer. Gorgeous, in your face tuberose with an obnoxious posse of peonies and freesias. I hate to love it and I can't get enough of it. Goes well with big sunglasses, tiny golden bikinis, high golden heels and animal prints.

(Since we’re dealing with a recession in the US and inflation in all nations, I put together a list of summer bargains, some good frags that are kind to your bank account.)

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca
Mint, hay, herbs, grass, fresh as a sprint through an alpine meadow. Terrific longevity.

Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella
Bitter, astringent, cooling, and completely unique. No sweet stuff here.

Lalique Eau de Lalique
By Jean Claude Ellena, no less. A traditional cologne with the distinctive Ellena stamp. A bargain online.

Elizabeth Arden Spiced Green Tea
Francis Kurkdjian’s underappreciated tea scent, far better than most and a steal online at under $20 for 100ml.

Parfums de Nicolai Vie de Chateau
Another underappreciated gem, a blend of oakmoss, grass, leather and hay. Delightful and a bargain at $40 for 30ml.

Bath and Body Work Coconut Lime Verbena
Some call it a dead ringer for Creed’s Virgin Island Water, this one’s a guilty favorite of many a perfumista. A steal at $18 for 50ml.

Fendi Theorema Uomo
The female version is a winter staple for me, but I wear this cool, spicy herbal blend in the summer. Buy for nothing online.

Jovan Fresh Patchouli
3 stars from Turin and Sanchez! A very fresh, non-sweet rendition, lasts forever, found in drugstores for about $11.99.

Yves Rocher Rose Absolue
Buy it during their half-price or 2-for-1 sales. A delightful, natural rose with tonka and a hint of cinnamon. Watch out for bees while you’re wearing it, though!

Bvlgari Eau de The Vert
Another Ellena creation, his style is perfectly suited for summer, isn’t it??

Vero Perfume Kiki
Cool lavender and a hint of sweet fruits; yum!

Annick Goutal Musc Nomade
The Mediterranean-tanned, sweet-smelling skin I'll never have.

Parfumerie Generale L’Eau Guerriere
Woody musk lightened by sparkly aldehydes

L'Artisan L'Ete en Douce
Gentle as a caress and perfectly balanced.

Dior Eau Sauvage
A perennial since my childhood and still unforgettable 40 years on.

Frederic Malle L'Eau d'Hiver
Because every July needs a kiss of February

Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande
The dance from light to dark and warm to cool is enchanting, even more so in Summer

Andy Tauer Lonestar Memories
Hunky fantasy Cowboy after saving the homestead from a brushfire; grrrrr.

Etat Libre D'Orange Tom of Finland
Yes, I did sort of diss it, but it's frankly fake Doublemint insincerity is making me drain the decant

Robert Piguet Fracas
No, I wouldn't wear it, but that buttery tuberose wafts over a summer evening with the smooth sensuality of a 40's screen siren.

Please share your summer favorites. If you would like to be entered in a prize draw for a set of 15 samples of perfumes mentioned in our lists, please say so in your comment. The draw is now closed. And don't forget to read other Top 10s of Summer on:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the contributors for an extensive list of Summer scents.
Here are some I think belong in this company:
Eau de Rochas pour Homme - Rochas;
Signoricci - Nina Ricci (In one word: Sublime);
Live Jazz - YSL;
Cyprien - Fragonard: (An enchanting scent);
Le Roy Soleil Homme - Dali;
Bowling Green - Geoffrey Beene:(Sadly, and foolishly, discontinued, though still available, for a steal, at various online outlets);
Agua Lavanda - Puig;
Verveine - Molinard;
Pour Monsieur - Givenchy;
Twice pour Homme - Iceberg;
Life Essence - Fendi;
Uomo - Gai Mattiolo.

I hope fellow readers will enjoy atleast some of these as much as I did.

10:27 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the lists!!

My Top summer scents :

1. Fredric Malle Iris Poudre
This my latest perfume crush- I could drown in this stuff
2. Serge Lutens Un Lys
3. Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle
My all time favourite Lutens and tuberose fragrance
4. Serge Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger (the last Lutens on my list- I promise)
The drydown on my skin is lovely!!
5. POTL Amaze
6. Ellie D
I sampled this summer and it is sooo beautiful and perfect for summer
7. Montale Red Aoud
8. EL Tuberose gardenia
not my favourite but I finshed my sample so quickly that I had to add it to my list - its pretty and light and I dont have to think about it much when I wear it
9. I loved Chanel gardenia last summer
10. Andy Tauer Reverie Au Jardin
11. Incense Extreme for when it really gets hot/warm

I'd love to be included in the draw!!! Thanks!

10:39 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with so many on all of your lists. My favorites in hot, humid weather this year are:

1) Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus (and in winter, it reminds me that summer will come soon)
2) Mona di Orio Orio (the sweetness is perfect in the heat)
3) Serge Lutens Datura Noir (one of my comfort scents)
4) L'Artisan Fleur de Narcisse (the smell of fields under a hot sun)
5) Miller Harris L'air de Rien (the smell of a wooden house, flowers on the table, the hot sun streaming in on a strong breeze)
6) Guerlain Cologne 68 (just pure comfort)
7) Hermes Vetiver Tonka (a cool, green breeze)
8) Frederic Malle Lys Med (a chilly, heady bouquet I couldn't live without)
9) Roja Dove Unspoken (the most gorgeous jasmine, surrounded by green and floating on soft vanilla)
10) By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses (rich rose and plum--what could be better for summer in the garden, whether the garden is imaginary or real)

I would love to be in the drawing. Thank you.

11:08 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great to read everyone's lists. Here's a random 10 I'm enjoying this summer:

Yuzu Rouge Parfums 06130
The Pour Un Ete L'Artisan
Cristalle Chanel
Eau de Cologne Chanel
Sycomore Chanel
Philosykos Diptyque
Bergamote The Different Co.
Apres L'Ondee Guerlain
Osmanthe Yunnan Hermes
Fleurs de Citronnier Serge Lutens

Please enter me in the draw--thanks!

11:12 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved reading everyone's lists and here's some of my favorites during the summer time:

Diptyque - Philosykos
Hermes - Un Jardin sur le Nil
Hermes - Eau d'Orange Verte
Guerlain - Eau de Cologne Imperiale
CdG - Zagorsk
L'Artisan - Dzongkha
Lalique - Encre Noir
PdE - Cuir Ottoman
Rosine - Rose d'Homme
Eau d'Italie - Paestum Rose (I like this one all year round)
Annick Goutal - Eau d'Hadrien
Acqua di Parma - Cipresso Di Toscana

Can't wait to see what the rest of you list as your favorites - it'll give me great ideas about what else to buy before summer ends!

Also, I'd love to be added to the draw.


11:16 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...

Well, I have to write that we PSTers have great taste! As do our commenters!

Karthik- I am going to have to seek these out!

Lavanya- When we finally meet I want you to wear Tubereuse Criminelle!

Catherine- How could I have forgotten L'Air de Rein?

2scents- (Tom slaps himself) Cristalle! HELLO TOM!

Tarun- Hermes - Eau d'Orange Verte (sound of Tom slapping himself again)

I can see that I am going to enjoy reading the responses tomorrow, and sorry Columbina for hijacking the board; I love that our commenters are not only filled with good taste, but worthy of taking notes!

Keep them coming!

11:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Roland Denzel said...

Love the lists!

I'd love to be in on the drawing, as well.

My friend brought me a bottle of Carthusia's Via Camerelle from her trip to Capri. I'm draining the bottle way too fast! I'm scared.

Unfortunately, she bought a bottle of their Mediterraneo for herself. I hate her now, since I love that one, too.

She has no sense of smell (really), so have half a mind to swap it for a bottle of water and let no one be the wiser. I'll try to be good.

11:46 PM EDT  
Blogger cally said...

Mango Mandarin-Bath & Body Works: It's bulletproof in the heat.

Michael Kors: Tropical flowers plus mimosa, fun summers of my childhood.

Hawaiian Tuberose: The cheap tourist perfume you get in gift shops at the Honolulu airport.

No. 4711: The perennial sweat-cutter. I wish they'd stop messing with the formula though.

Fleurs d'Oranger-L'Artisan Perfumer: Amazingly fresh soliflore. Wore this for my outdoor wedding in the dripping muggy humidity.

Also, please enter me in the sample drawing. Thank you.

11:52 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm studying like mad for my nursing boards this summer, and I'm sticking to comfort scents that make me less nervous! I keep reaching for Stella McCartney Stella, Andy Tauer Incense Rose, and Bond No 9 Chinatown. At night I'm using Bath and Body Works fresh vanilla body lotion to cool down before bed. It's ok, but if anyone has any suggestions for a great vanilla body cream I'd love to hear it.

I picked up Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil at the beginning of summer. I should wear it more!

Oh, and please include me in the drawing!

11:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Tom said!

And I'm especially enjoying how little overlap there is in people's choices. Given the 6-8 months of summer we get around here I'll have plenty of time to give some of the ones that are unfamiliar to me a test drive. Hooray cool readers!

12:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Gail S said...

I can't manage anywhere 10 right now as I'm completely stuck in a rut. I don't know what's going on, but I can't seem to wear anything lately but the following:

SL A la Nuit
PdN Eau d'Ete
Pdn Eau Turquoise
Parfum d'Empire Osmanthus Interdite
L'Occitane Green Tea w/ Mint

And that's about it! I've got a couple of bottles coming sometime next week probably - hopefully they'll jolt me out of this rut :(

3:14 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the contest. My picks for summer:
Un Jardin Sur Le Nil
Jolie Madame
Eau d'Hadrien
Michael Kors
Sonia Rykiel (the one in the T-shirt bottle)

3:31 AM EDT  
Blogger Ines said...

Hm, I'm not sure I'll get to 10, but here are my summer favorites:
E. Lauder: Bronze goddess
L'artisan parfumuer:Ananas fizz
F. Malle: Angeliques sous la pluie (some freshness during hot days)
Cartier: Eau de Cartier
A. Goutal: Mandragore
L'Artisan Parfumeuer: Premier figuier
Guerlain: Cruel gardenia

And please enter me in the draw.


5:45 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Thank you for reminding me of Le Roy Soleil and of Dali scents in general.

6:49 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I feel we are scent-related :-)

6:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

You inspired me to crack open my sample of Unspoken, later this weekend.

6:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

What a great, sparkling, cooling list!

6:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Love everything on your list!

6:54 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Oh the things we are capable of doing for perfume! :-)

6:55 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

High five on MK! :-)

6:59 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I am trying to think of a vanilla body cream, I hope someone will have a suggestion for you. Best of luck with the exams!

7:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Which bottles? :-)

7:01 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Jennifer S. S.,
Another MK fan, yay! :-)

7:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Ah, Cruel Gardenia! Love it!

7:03 AM EDT  
Blogger Kristy said...

I am loving another Ineke - Chemical Bonding - for summer. It's nice and synthetic!

7:43 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love lists!

AG Musc Nomade
Osmanthe Yunnan
MPG Route de Vetiver
MH L'air de Rien
MH Fleurs de Sel
Elixer des Merveilles
Caron Coup de Fouet
L'Artisan Iris Pallida
Chanel Bel Respiro

...and prizes too!

7:49 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I like nice and synthetic :-) I should try this.

7:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Love your list! Diorling!

7:53 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great lists. My summer '08 fragrances:

1. Serge Lutens, Gris Clair. Just discovered this stuff and it's love at first sniff. Think this isn't just summery, but I love the dusty, cool lavender even in the heat.

2. Le Labo, Iris 39. Dirty iris.

3. S-Perfumes, S-ex. Quietly raunchy.

4. Caron, Pour un Homme. I feel classy and somewhat avant-garde with that yummy lavender to play-doh stuff. Also L'anarchiste & 3ieme Homme.

5. Dior, Eau Sauvage. Seconded.

6. L'artisan, Dzing! Real barnyard.

7. Parfums de Nicolai, Vie de Chateau. Estate barnyard.

I'd love to be in the drawing! Thanks.

8:40 AM EDT  
Blogger rosarita said...

I am loving everyone's lists! Please enter me in the drawing, as well. Some of my most-worn:
Un Jardin Sur Le Nil
Christian LaCroix Tumulte Pour Homme
Passage d'Enfer
Balmain Ivoire
Chanel Cristalle & #19
Rosine Un Zest de Rose
Black Orchid Voile d'Fleur
Bulgari White Tea & Omnia Crystalinne
Note to Asta: Yves Rocher Vanilla body lotion is a wonderful not too sweet scent, moisturizes well and is cheap! :)

8:49 AM EDT  
Blogger pearlbailey said...

Fun (but hard) to narrow the list:

Au The Rouge-Bulgari
Osmanthe Yunnan- Hermes
Un Jardin En Mediterranee-Hermes
Vetiver Tonka-Hermes
Champaca-Ormonde Jayne
Jasmine de Nuit-The Different Co.
Eau de Merveilles- Hermes
Mediterranee- Carthusia
Eau de Cologne-Chanel
TIE for #10 (yes 'm cheating) : Privet Hedge-Hampton Sun (dry & green) & Fire Opal-DSH (fresh & orange!)


8:56 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine so far are:

Dior - Dolce Vita (I seem to be the only one who thinks this is a summer scent)!
Caron - Montaigne
Laura Biagiotti - Sotto Voce (thanks to Marina)
Montale - Intense Tiare (I am, gently, starting to appreciate the white floral thing, thanks to Donna)
Parfums de Nicolai - Fig Tea
Guerlain - Terracotta Voile D’Ete
Guerlain - Jicky
Guerlain - L’Heure Bleue
Parfum D’Empire - Ambre Russe

N.B, My “summer”, such as it is, is in the north of England, and today it’s wet, chilly, and miserable… so I wish I was wearing something like Comptoir du Sud Pacifique Vanille Cannelle and an angora cardigan!

Please could you enter me in the draw?

9:01 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a generous prize draw! I can't seem to stop wearing the following:

Guerlain AA Mandarine Basilic
SL Datura Noir
PdN Fig Tea
Carthusia Mediterraneo
EL Bronze Goddess

And that has been IT since the heat started... Crazy. Maybe today I will take the plunge into incense in the summer!

9:04 AM EDT  
Blogger Solander said...

Surprisingly un-summery choices I have to say! So let me be the predictable one with a list full of fresh and green things... Here goes (in no particular order):

1. TDC Sel de Vetiver
2. MH Fleurs de Sel
3. LPJ Citrus Allegro (yes, this is the pure citrus fragrance I've been looking for, not the somewhat aquatic Eau de Hadrien, not the anise-y Un Zeste d'Ete, not the horrible sour green apple thing Light Blue...)
4. CDG Sherbet Rhubarb
5. CDG 3
6. MB Green green green and green
7. FM Carnal Flower
8. FM Lys Mediterranee
9. LAP La Haie Fleurie de Hameau
10. LN Oriental Lumpur

Damn! L'air du desert Marocain, Lonestar Memories and Incense rose should have been on that list too! And surely a million other things I've forgotten...

I'd love to be in the draw.

9:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Billy D said...

I just tried the Tom of Finland, and I got the same thing, DEATH BY SUGARFREE GUM! The top notes were actually interesting, a little herbal, a little leather, a faint whisper of iris...and then, like you said, Doublemint! I could see how it would be slightly addictive, but I'll go with your L'ete en Douce instead Tom.

And to everyone who is loving Carnal Flower, right on! I need to retry this one in the heat.

Personally, I'm surprised Terre D'hermes got no love. I love it in the heat. A few of my other faves for summer: Bel Respiro and Eau de Cologne from Chanel, and Silver Factory, which is, I think, a year-round incense.

Please enter me, thanks! I'm dying for samples.

9:18 AM EDT  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

I have to agree with Tom, I knew that I was going to love our lists but I am so enthralled with all of the comments! I just love the creativity to be found here, so much self expression! All of these lists are fabulous and I have been taking copious quantities of notes all night, so many new MUST HAVES! Unfortunately (read as completely excited and totally fortunate!) because of ALL of you my already enormous monthly perfume budget is about to skyrocket! Thank you all for such excellent inspiration!

9:27 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How I love lists! I am a novice perfumista in need of samples, so would love to be entered into the draw.

I knows what I likes tho, so in no particular order:

1. Un Jardin en Mediterranee
2. Diorissimo (for cool early summer days)
3. Carthusia Io Capri
4 L'Artisan La Chasse au Papillions
5. L'Artisan Jour de Fete
6. Guerlain Apres L'Ondee (for late Spring, VERY early summer)
7. Fracas
8. Chantecaille Frangipane (delicious Frangipane which escapes being cloying with the addition of a touch of salt)
9. Guerlain Nahema (for summer nights full of seductive intent)
10. Chanel No. 18 (shimmering, sheer, unique and perfect for the office in summer)

9:32 AM EDT  
Blogger Rachel said...

Well, I haven't given my heart to ten yet this summer, but a couple that I favor are La Chasse aux Papillons, Les Parfums de Rosine's Rose d'Ete, and Dior's Escale a Portofino. Also, I love Safran Troublant so much I wear it out of season!

Yay! A chance for samples! Enter me to win.

10:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Gail S said...

Well okay, you caught me. My two new bottles coming are PdN Cologne Sologne and Carthusia Mediterraneo. So in reality, my rut will just be widened.

10:11 AM EDT  
Blogger jen said...

1. L'Eau de l'Artisan
2. Eau De Rochas
3. Comme des Garcons Vettiveru
4. Dior Eau Sauvage,
Estee Lauder Private Collection,
Dior Escale a Portofino,
Jacomo Silences,
Sisley Eau De Champagne,
The Different Company Sel de Vetiver,
Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca,
Maja Eau De Toilette.

Oh dear! that was quite hard... (and I´m still not sure I got my list right)

And offcourse, I would like to be entered in the prize draw.

10:42 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these lists. My short list is:
Bronze Goddess w/ the body oil- Estee Lauder
Tuberose Gardenia- Estee Lauder
Fragapini Absolute- Ormonde Jayne
At the beach- 1966- CB I hate perfume
Cruel Gardenia- Guerlain

Summer is my favorite perfume season.

Please enter me in the draw.

10:44 AM EDT  
Blogger Sue said...

Wonderful post - thank you for the inexpensive suggestions especially!

My summer favorites for 2008:

1) Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber -
Nude dry oil layered with Ocean Potion SPF 30 sunblock - ginger tea from the oil mixed with the orange creamsicle scent of the sunscreen is both sunny and sophisticated and stops this burner from being miserable!

2) Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d'Une Fete -
Gorgeous green floral on a mossy base with hints of incense and a bit of skank to keep things interesting! Perfect for summer nights

3) Hermes Un Jardin Apres La Mousson -
Thank you, Marina, for your glowing review of this one - it prompted me to retry it on a muggy day and I now adore it! It just blooms in humidity.

4) CSP Aqua Motu -
Reminds me simultaneously of both the seaside and freshly cut grass

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

Please enter me in the prize draw!

11:07 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My top choices for Finnish summer 2008 in alphabetical order:

*Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge – Colombina (Marina) has written a perfect description of this :)
*Hermèssence Osmanthe Yunnan – subtle but persistent leather, apricot and tea
*Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande – quiet but very persistent (on my skin) peppery presence, sophisticated and calm scent
*Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka – yummy gourmandish vetiver, perfectly balanced
*L’Artisan Thé pour un été – quiet but persistent jasmine tea, makes me smile every time
*L’Artisan Navegar – very watery green (but not “aquatic”), lush, peppery freshness
*Parfumerie Generale Harmatan Noir – wonderfully dry and spicy, yet with a fresh bite
*Parfumerie Generale L’eau Rare Matale – slightly woody and smoky Earl Grey tea
*Tauer Incense Rosé – uplifting and energizing, just dabs here and there will do
*Thierry Mugler Cologne – classic soapy fresh

Please do enter me in the draw,


11:33 AM EDT  
Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Whew, 70 fragrances! That's got summer covered, thanks :-)

11:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

Love lists of summer scents! I live in Bangkok, where it's all summer all the time. Some faves: Eau des Merveilles, assorted tea-theme scents, Chanel No. 19, Philosykos. Made the mistake of spritzing on some Daim Blonde the other day and nearly had to lie down and die...

11:56 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My summer favorites: Osmanthe Yunnan, Beyond Paradise, Bronze Goddess, and I will admit to spritzing on the B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena fairly frequently in the summer. :)

Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks!


12:35 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lists, lists, I love lists. It's so much fun reading everybody's lists! Here are mine for this very day, could change anytime since I started getting a craving for dark, dark things (I'm thinking Arabian Aouds and also been eyeing a bottle of Idole all of last night):
Carthusia: Via Camerelle (citrus perfection)
Lubin: Eau de Lubin (ditto)
Lancome: O (needs no introduction)
PdRosine: Ecume de Rose and Roseberry
Andy Tauer: Lonestar Memories (snuggeling up to that cowboy around the campfire)
Anya's Garden: Fairchild
Parfum d'Empire: Equistrius
And my two staples that never fail:
L'artisan: Drole de Rose
PdNicolai: Haute Provence
Thanks for putting me in the draw.

12:44 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun! I love these lists. Alyssa, 3 of your faves are also my faves...A la Nuit, 10 Corso Como (yep, sometimes more is more), and Eau des Merveilles are getting lots of wear this summer. Also in heavy rotation are Bel Respiro (can't get enough of this, NEED a full bottle)and 28 La Pausa.
I would love to be included in the draw. Thank you!
Karen G.

1:06 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What wonderful, elegant and diverse lists! Alyssa's mention of Let Me Play the Lion reminded me how perfect this scent tends to be for hot summer days. I will definitely revisit it soon. L'Artisan L'Ete en Douce on Tom's list also caught my eye! Marina, your list--I want to wear everything on it this summer!

1:12 PM EDT  
Blogger Tania said...

Who was looking for a vanilla body cream? I like Palmers Cocoa Butter, available from Boots drugstores in the UK, among other shops. It has a lovely warm sweet vanilla-cocoa scent, is nice and cheap, and comes in lotion and cream.

My summer scents:

Diptyque Neroli cologne & Philosykos
Montale Intense Tiare
Miller Harris L'Air de Rien & Jasmin Vert
Jo Malone Orange Blossom, White Jasmine and Mint, Grapefruit, and Lime Basil and Mandarin
Les Nez Unicorn Spell
Creed Neroli Sauvage
CB Mr Hulot's Holiday
Antonia's Flowers

Yes, I do have a lot of summer faves now that I think of it! ;-)

1:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Tania said...

oh, I didn't mention the draw because I'm in the UK. But if that's not an issue, please enter me. Thanks!

1:51 PM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice to know that BBW's CLV can do what VIW does...good for credit card.
Agreed with lots of the picks,
eg. FM Lys Med, LH
OJ Cp and Fragi,
L'Artisan FdN...

2:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

UK fans can enter the draw too? Count me in then, cheers.

2:03 PM EDT  
Blogger the oblitterati said...

Ahhh! The more I read these comments the more I have to find Diorissimo and Diorling!

Marina, I adored your send-up of Michael Kors. For me, Addict is my hometown Queens-fabulous beach bag and stilletto scent.

My summer favorite thus far has been Dior's Portofino, but of the scents I actually own, Ive mostly been wearing:

Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil
Terre d'Hermes
Moschino Funny
Demeter Bubblegum
Demeter Gingerale
Landscape Lavender Hydrosol

Please enter me in the drawing. I'm trying my hand at my first drawing over at and it's an eye opening experience.


2:37 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please enter me into the drawing!And I'm still a newbie at this, but here is what I really love in summer (keeping in mind that summer here in NorCal is presently cool and cloudy in the morning, sunny, windy, and a little warmer in the afternoon, so that I can pretty much get away with anything.

In no particular order, here are what come to mind for me:

Tauer l'Aire du désert marocain
FM l'Eau d'Hiver
FM Carnal Flower
Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarine
CdG Zagorsk
06130 Yuzu Rouge
SL A la Nuit
LesNez LMPtL
L'Artisan Navegar
L'Artisan Passage d'Enfer
Ormonde Jayne Ta'if
Ormonde Jayne Woman
Tauer le Maroc pour Elle
SL Un Lys
Guerlain Cruel Gardenia
PG Bois Blond

2:56 PM EDT  
Blogger Tania said...

I don't know if we can enter or not - I was trying to say that if being in the UK is ok, then I'd like to enter. But not if it's an issue. Cause, postage...

4:14 PM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

What GREAT lists all you readers have sent! Now you have given me even more ideas.

I too will confess that I love B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena, like many of you. There, I said it.

I have a sample of Different Company Sel de Vetiver that I am saving for a really hot day. From my one wearing of it so far, I think it's going to go near the top of my summer list from now on.

Just yesterday I fell in love again, with a wonderful summer scent that's new to me - CDG Champaca. Oh my word, it is amazing! Must save up for a bottle....just as I must get some Chanel Bel Respiro, which sample I foolishly used up before summer even got here but it is so perfect for wearing in humid weather when you really need something green green green. The list grows.... :-)

4:32 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorites for summer, in no particular order:

- Diptyque, Philosykos
- L'Artisan Parfumeur, L'Ete en Douce
- L'Artisan Parfumeur, Premier Figuier (fig is a bit of an obsession for me lately)
- Parfums de Nicolai, Eclipse
- Serge Lutens, A La Nuit
- Serge Lutens, Fleurs de Citronnier
- And (should I be embarrassed?) I love Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea. So very easy to wear, and on the very hottest days, totally refreshing.

I would love to be entered into the drawing, thank you!

5:22 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After suggesting it as a preppy scent (in a comment to an earlier post), I revisited EL's Aliage, and voila! For me, it's the perfect, indeed the only scent for the hottest heat waves of summer. Of course, I'd love to sample your suggestions.

6:54 PM EDT  
Blogger Kirsten McGregor said...

great lists -- my "must sample" list is getting very, very longggg....

Here are my latest loves (no order)...

1. L'Artisan, Timbuktu -- sensual, lovely and yet has a spicy/pepper quality that keeps it perky and coolness in the base
2. L'Artisan, L'ete de Douce -- soft & dreamy
3. Creed, Virgin Island Waters -- Everybody love's this one, girlfriends,'s so yummy with the lime and the coconut
4. Montale, Soleil de Capri -- Sunny, Mediterranean, green and azur
5. Antonia's Flower -- I like it, what can I say.
6. TDC, Sel de Vetiver -- Something about this one, more wild ocean cliffs and sea air
7. Calypso St Barth, Lea -- Has such a soft dry down with that macaroon/almond quality on my skin.
8. Goutal,Eau d'Hadrien -- great for work, clean
9. Lotion - Trish McEvoy, Blackberry and Vanilla musk (lots of compliments with just this on)
10. Lotion - Aveda, Caribbean Therapy

Please enter me in the sample draw! Thanks!

7:11 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Raunchiness and barnyards, yeah! Now that's what I call a list! :-)

7:16 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

So many favorites on your list.

7:19 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to see all these lists! I'm still new in the perfume world, so I'm happy to see that I have samples of some of these and will give them a go in the July heat and humidity.

The ones I have that at least one of you has listed are Let Me Play the Lion, Sel de Vetiver, Private Collection, and Vie de Chateau. I never would have thought to try L'Eau d'Hiver in the summer, but then you only live once, right? ;)

I'm not sure I'm ready to break out the tuberose and gardenia scents -- I think I might overwhelm the neighborhood in this sultry weather we're having! Some of the other suggestions sound quite good -- I'll have to get busy and order some more samples..

Please enter me in the drawing. These lists have really given me something to drool over, and I'd love to try many of them.


7:43 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looove lists, especially lists that remind me of things I have forgotten about! I find myself in Lonestar Memories (afternoon into evening) and Cumming (bright and early) a lot this year, with occasional forays into CdG Zagorsk and Apothia's Velvet Rope if the mood strikes.

Please toss me in the drawing! Thanks. :)

Heather G.

9:14 PM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

From my small collection of scents, I like:

Ormonde Jayne Champaca
Ormonde Jayne Frangipani
Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee

I don't have enough to get to 10!

But I'd love to be in the draw, and then maybe I will ;P

10:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Ah, another person who likes Privet Hedge, I thought I was alone :-)

7:38 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Sotto Voce! I am so glad you found it and like it.

7:38 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Fig Tea is delicious!

7:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

And Oriental Lumpur is summery?! :-)) Great list!

7:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Billy D
On me TofF is just inoffensive little something. Hmm.

7:40 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I counted 4 huge favorites on your list.

7:41 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Rose d'Ete is just gorgeous!

7:41 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Gail S
But they great scents, so it doesn't matter :-)

7:41 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

You have such an elegant, green list.

7:42 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I thought Le Temps d'Une Fete was exquisite. I should review it soon.

7:43 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

You made me crave Poivre Samarcande.

7:43 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

We are about 20 short of covering each day :-)

7:44 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

yeah, DB does not love heat :-)

7:44 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I like Bronze Goddess too.

7:44 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

one of your staples is mine too

7:45 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Karen G
I want Bel Respiro too.

7:46 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

And yours was as always elegant and so refreshing this summer.

7:46 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Anybody is welcome to enter!

7:47 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I love Lys Med :-)

7:47 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

the oblitterati
Addict is New Russian too :-)))

7:48 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Ormonde Woman is wonderful.

7:48 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

such a green, refreshing list!

7:49 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I need to get me some of that

7:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Eau d'Hadrien is my love forever

7:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Summer heat is THE time to try tuberoses and gardenias, trust me, don't be afraid :-)

7:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Heather G
Zagorsk is amazing in the heat, like most incenses.

7:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

an exquisite collection!

7:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Kristy said...

oh yeah, I want to be entered in the drawing too ;>

7:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Jarvis said...

Thanks to all for these fantastic lists. My top 10 this summer are (in no particular order):

1. L'Artisan Thé Pour Un Été (like a glass of iced jasmine tea)
2. Frédéric Malle L'Eau D'Hiver (sleeping in a pile of fragrant hay)
3. Chanel No. 19 (chilly and green)
4. Comme Des Garçons Zagorsk (snow on pines in winter brings instant coolness)
5. Parfums de Nicolaï L'Eau D'Été (refreshing, yet cinnamon adds an appealing spiciness)
6. Parfums de Nicolaï Cologne Sologne (pure neroli oil has a piercingly beautiful quality to it)
7. Diorella/Eau Sauvage (both have a certain juiciness that is refreshing in the summer heat)
8. Eau D'Hermès (sometimes you want to be sweaty and skanky)
9. Serge Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger (heady orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose on a summer night)
10. Comme des Garçons Hinoki (dry, dry, dry cypress and pine)

Please enter me in the drawing, too! Thanks.

8:47 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In alphabetical order, my to summer favorites are:
1. Chanel Cristalle
2. CdG Hinoki
3. Guerlain Jicky
4. Arabian Oud King Fahed
5. L'Artisan Mimosa Pour Moi
6. Guerlain Muguet
7. Agarscents Bazaar Mukhallat Maliki Moattaq
8. Estee Lauder Private Collection
9. Guerlain Quand Vient la Pluie
10. YSL Y
I would love to be entered in the draw, please!

10:23 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love love love all the lists! My list consists of lots of carnal flower, doirissimo, some chergui, taif rose, ormonde woman, kai just because i have a sample, black aoud, something from parfums rosine that sniffa gave away (what is this anyways?)TF's azuree soleil/bronze goddess (the lotion) and sometimes miss dior cherie because its the only thing i have thats a bit citrus. i think that 10 :) please enter me in the draw!

11:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Kate Lord Brown said...

Thank you! What a great site - as a self confessed perfume-a-holic from the UK here goes with some favourites for summer:
1) Annick Goutal 'Eau du Sud' for day,
2) 'Gardenia Passion' for night (reminders of a long hot summer spent in a chateau in the Languedoc, with rosemary and lavender growing wild on the hillsides ..)
3) Clarins Eau Ensoleiante - (for memories of summer on the Ile de Re, sun, sand and sun lotion!)
4) L'Occitaine Verbena - for the freshest start to a day in the city
5) Acqua di Parma - the loveliest eau de cologne
6) Ralph Lauren Polo (aftershave, but on girls - great for a summer evening, reminds me of a ball in 1988 when I borrowed a splash ..)
7) Isabella Rosselini Manifesto - lovely fresh basil
8) Diptyque Philosykos - favourite scent of all time, but somehow the warm, enveloping scent of figs is even more sensual in summer.

best wishes Kate

3:02 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's not too late I'd like to be entered into the drawing...what with finding the third flat tire in 6 months on my car this morning it's time for my luck to turn around and for me to win something! some of my summer favorites are:
CB-I Am a Dandelion
Black March
Wild Hunt
Herba Fresca
Parfums De Nicolai Vie de Chateau
Tubereuse Criminelle
Tam Dao
La Chasse aux Papillons extreme

4:51 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for these lists and how great to see ALL OF THEM!

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Hermes
Acqua di Sale, Profumum
Aqua, Bulgari
Fire Island, Bond
Terre d'Hermes, Hermes
Declaration, Cartier

If it's not too late I'd like to be entered in the drawing :)

5:26 PM EDT  
Blogger obscented said...

So much hot weather inspiration...
Some things that keep me either aloft or louche in this prickly heat:
1. Sel de Vetiver
2. SIP L" Invisible
3. SL Datura Noir
4. SL A La Nuit
5. MPG Tuberose
6. Montale Jasmine Full
7. Tauer L'AdDM
8. Irish Spring soap
9.Lubin Vetiver
10. Guerlain Sous le Vent

I would be delighted to be included on the draw. Thank you.

6:29 PM EDT  
Blogger Sylvia said...

for me, in no particular order, and differing from the list i made this morning (and the one i make tomorrow, if i make one tomorrow)

1. l'eau d'hiver! love it in the heat. its like camping w/ someone wearing bug spray several yards away.
2. un jardin en mediterranee. what can i say, i love the musky fig in this.
3. guerlain AA herba fresca. mint and fresh cut dewy grass. doesnt get more refreshing
4. kai. a white floral for the white floral hater in me. crisp and airy rather than cloying.
5. AG mandragore. a giant delicious hit of bergamot. love it in any weather actually, but summer is best.
6. BBW coconut lime verbena. i dont care about the similarity w/ credd VIW which ive never smelled. it just makes me happy. i have all the products, and oddly enough the EDT is my least favorite.
7. delrae eau illuminee. amazing light but long lasting citrus and herbs. after a few hours it kind of smells like air conditioning, and who doesnt like that on a hot day?
8. bond no 9 fire island (add CB i hate perfume at the beach 1966 and bobbi brown beach to that). love the memory associations with sunscreen perfumes
9. yosh ginger ciao. the mix of coconut, ylang ylang, and basil just slays me. i fall in love all over again every time i wear it.
10. FM en passant. for those days you need a straight up gorgeous light airy floral. wore it to my college graduation a month ago

id love to be entered in the drawing!

8:26 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some of my favorites this summer:
MB #3 Green green green
SL Fleur d'Oranger
SL A La Nuit
Rosine Un Zest
Les Nereides Musc Samarkand

And please enter me in the drawing!

8:50 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've gone completely crazy over three absolutely summer perfect new scents:
L'EAU DE L'EAU, Dyptique
EAU DE SHALIMAR, Guerlain which "replaced" Eau légère...
I haven't been on holidays for a long time, but all three take me far away in beautiful dream trips.

4:58 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, here is my list:
Boucheron Jaipur (my new big love - I love that powder so much! Was this scent ever reviewed here?)
Chanel Cristalle edt
Chanel No.19 edt
Kenzo Flower
L'Occitane Iris
Burberry London
Burberry London for men (nice ambra)
Dana Chantilly
YSL NU edt

I'd love to be included in the draw too!

8:48 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love CB's scents for the summer as well: I'm in love with CB 93 - it's so green and crisp and fresh - it just wakes me up. I also love Gathering Apples. The apples are like apples sitting on the kitchen counter in the sun, not like caramel apples or apples with spices like you would think of for fall fragrances. It's delicious.

Oh, and I'd love to win the samples!

11:22 AM EDT  
Blogger Isa said...

Wonderful scents in your lists!

This is my list of Top 10 Summer Fragances:

- Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic
- Dior Eau Sauvage (I love it!)
- Dior Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir
- Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Her (2005 edition) (It's a shame it's discontinued)
- Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lauriel-Réglisse
- Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige (more powdered? Impossible!)
- Thé pour un été, L'Artisan
- Dior, Escale à Portofino
- Mona di Orio Lux
- Jimmy Boyd, Agua de lluvia (Rain + Mediterranean Forest)

I would love to be entered in the draw! Thank you!


12:12 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Kristy Victoria
You are in

8:30 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I love how you described Zagorsk, made me long for a spritz of that

8:31 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I love your list! Ah, King Fahed! :-)

8:32 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Gorgeous list, love Carnal Flower and Black Oud.

8:33 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Kate Lord Brown
Welcome! A very elegant and refreshing list you have.

8:33 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Wishing you best of luck from now on.

8:34 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I've been sort of rediscovering Profumum, maybe I should try Acqua di Sale

8:34 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Yay for Jasmin Full, I love it!

8:35 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I re-discovered eau illuminee recently and actually am reviewing it soon, great summer scent

8:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Amy H
I need to re-try Musc Samarkand

8:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I loved L'Eau de L'Eau, still wondering if it was a mistake not getting it

8:37 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I don't think any one of us reviewed Jaipur yet, maybe somebody will.

8:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Some CB are wonderful in summer, definitely

8:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I love Lux too, beautiful, bright summer scent

8:39 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

THE DRAW IS NOW CLOSED. The winner will be announced shortly.

8:42 PM EDT  
Blogger lilybp said...

Sorry to have been among the missing. I've been crazily busy and then out of town--but I MISSED you!! So here is a belated list made without thought for this summer (no order):
1. L'Air du Desert Marocain
2. Ormonde Woman
3 SL Bois de Violette
4. Le Labo Rose
5. Rose Poivree
6. Montale Red Vetyver
7. Sel de Vetiver
8. MdB Green, green, etc.
9. Diorling
10. L'Artisan Fleur de Narcisse
10+ L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger
10++ Carnal Flower

So I cheat a lot. What else is new?:)

7:30 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Yay! I missed you too! This is a grrreat list!

9:04 PM EDT  

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