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Thursday, March 21, 2013

CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts

By Tom

The other night I was invited out to dinner by a friend, kind of at the last moment. The restaurant is basically down the street from me and my friend was going to collect me, since I'm on her way to the restaurant (sometimes I wonder if my neighbors think I'm the American Gigolo or something- I'm always being picked up and dropped of my older ladies in expensive cars..) As I was going to leave, I quickly grabbed something from the sample dish to dab on before dashing out.

I happened to grab the sample of 7 Billion Hearts, the Christopher Brosius creation my Scent Twin had sent me a sample of and that I had previously reviewed on the Posse and she reviewed on her site.

I'd almost forgotten how much I love this scent. If I were setting out to seduce someone I think this is what I'd reach for- it just might be the best vanilla scent there is out there, hands down. It's a thick, rich delightful vanilla, rich with smoke at first application, then bringing something like the scent of fine cognac and finally ending with a hint ot his beautifully earthy musk. The weather here was perfect for it- the lows were low 50's and the high barely cracked 60. 7 Billion Hearts kept me nice and warm..

Lasting power is phenomenal- I got 12 hours and it still lingered after showering, which only made me want to re-apply.

2 ML of the perfume is $30, and it will last you a while. When you decide to fall, it's $230 for 15 ML, available at the CB I Hate Perfume website. My sample was sent to me by a friend.

Photo: CB I Hate Perfume


Blogger Flora said...

Hmmm...I did not realize that this one was a smoky vanilla. It's going on my must-try list!

1:07 AM EDT  
Blogger Tama said...

Mine, too. I'm overdue for a CB order.

2:36 AM EDT  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

I think that I've just been seduced.......

10:32 PM EDT  

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