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Thursday, January 18, 2007

POTL No 2 Has Landed - People of the Labyrinths A Maze

Fans of People of the Labyrinths Luctor et Emergo, get thee to Beautyhabit. The long-awaited second installment has arrived. People of the Labyrinths A Maze (POTLAM?) is now available to pre-order. According to Beautyhabit:
This new perfume strikes a somewhat lighter note. On top you find Henna and Saffron, a combination which gives your senses a surprising opening boost. In the bouquet you find the delicate Taif Rose from Saudi Arabia, Orange Blossom, Wardia Rose and many other natural components. Lastly, you experience precious woods, Agarwood from Cambodia, Sandalwood and Musk.

POTLAM is available in Eau de Parfum and Parfum form, $125.00 and $165.00 for 90ml.


Blogger tmp00 said...

I don't know whether to be pleased or frightened.

12:58 AM EST  
Blogger chayaruchama said...

Either a fiasco, or a feat- which will it be ?
Probably NOT affordable, either way !

7:24 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Frightened :-)

8:22 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Fiasco :-)

8:22 AM EST  
Blogger lilybp said...

You never know. . at least it doesn't have ch**ry!

11:39 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

True. I am intrigued by henna...

12:09 PM EST  
Blogger marchlion said...

I think the notes sound great. Of course given the original POTL on my skin this'll smell like an eraser or something.

3:54 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

is that how POTL smells on you? Eraser doesn't sound too bad compared to the sweet ambery mess that it is on my skin. :-(

4:40 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people on whom Luctor et Emergo smells warm and comforting like a fleecy scent blanket--I say, with downcast eyes and red in the cheeks. The new one, on the other hand, looks as if it will make me sneeze and, as Chaya says, not affordable.

7:10 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

You are so lucky! :-)
Is the first POTL cheaper than this one?

7:19 PM EST  
Blogger marchlion said...

No, I was joking -- the original POTL on me captures (as it does for so many folks) the essence of Play-Doh. Really, CB's Play-Doh scent (he has one) doesn't smell any more like Play-Doh than POTL does.

They have samples of this new thing on Luckyscent and I've ordered one.

Also -- did you know the Play-Doh thing is cultural? Did you have it growing up? I think of it as this universal experience, but CB says all sorts of people have no idea what Play-Doh is, or what it smells like.

7:31 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

We have what I believe is called plasticine or something like that in Russia, which is more or less the same thing as Play Doh but doesn't have that awful, sickening smell. So I haven't known what PlayDoh was till DH bought DD a Play Doh set, blech. :-)

7:41 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was afraid you were going to bring up that detail. :-) The new and the old appear to be going to cost the same: too much. Thank goodness for decants.

12:54 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

I agree! :-) About the price and the decants.

8:42 AM EST  

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